Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Owl

I have been looking forward to Brazos participating in the Maifest ever since he was a tiny babe.  I signed him up last year, only to receive a phone call that he was two months too young.  :(

Well, he is old enough this year!

I was so excited about his costume assignment.  He's an owl!

After searching Pinterest for ideas, I found some costumes that I knew I could make.  So with lots of felt and hot glue, I introduce to you.......


p.s.  He is convinced he can fly with his wings on.  We perched him on the tree for pictures and afterwards when we reached up to help him down, he said, "I don't need help.  I can fly down."

p.s.s.  I made this all the day before it was due for the newspaper.  We can't miss our first newspaper debut!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lutherhill Photography Retreat

The first weekend in April, my mom and I took a weekend "off" as Granny and Momma, and headed out to Lutherhill in LaGrange.  Lutherhill is a Lutheran camp that hosts many different retreats throughout the year.

We were excited to get to spend a weekend taking pictures and learning more about our cameras.  We had three awesome teachers who took time from their busy lives to share their knowledge of photography.  They made us practice in manual mode, showed us some cool photography tricks, and taught us how to use the editing software Lightroom.

My mom and I had lots of fun not only taking pictures, but doing the activities Lutherhill has to offer as well.  I did the zip line and played GaGa Ball.  My mom and I both did the BIG swing and archery.  FUN!!

We also went to a neighboring farm to take bluebonnet pictures.  The field was covered in bluebonnets....but for us country girls that see bluebonnets on a daily basis, we were kind of like, "Cool.  We got a few pics.  Can we go now?"

All in all, it was an amazing weekend filled with the Holy Spirit and lots of good times!

So this picture isn't super, but I was taught how to make the light shine like a star rather than a blob of light.

Gaga Ball

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dusty the Kite

Brazos received a kite for his birthday from one of his sweet friends, Emma.  He loved the kite because it had a picture of Dusty on it from the movie "Airplanes."  Almost every Tuesday and Thursday when I drop Brazos off at Mother's Day Out, his friend Ethan is waiting for him with an airplane in hand.  I think Brazos looks forward to school because that's when he gets to play airplanes with Ethan.

About two weeks ago, Brazos asked if he could open his kite up and go outside to fly it.  The weather happened to be great "kite-flying" weather, so we opened it up, put together the few pieces, tied the string onto it, and went outside.

At first, I ran with the kite to get it going and would hand the string off to Brazos; but soon, Brazos decided he could do it all on his own.  He tried and tried his hardest, but he just didn't understand why the kite wasn't taking flight.  He was running with the wind, instead of against it.  I tried persuading him to run in a different direction, but he didn't like that idea.

His kite-flying experience lasted about 10 minutes until some other toy caught his interest, but he had fun running trying to get Dusty to take flight.  And momma had fun trying to snap some photos of him. ;)