Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Munchy and Crunchy

We have two new family members!

Meet Munchy and Crunchy!

Well their official names are Munchy Athena Supak and Crunchy Gizmo Supak, but we'll just call them Munchy and Crunchy.

Every time we go to the feed store, the kids love to look at all the animals.  This morning as we walked in, Sandy was excited to see the fish, so we looked at the fish.  Then we saw the bright yellow canaries that were sitting in the middle of the display area.  And then I saw him.  I was drawn to him.  I just couldn't walk away from him.

But as a good wife does, I went home to discuss him with Matt.  Of course, I used the best plan possible.  As I unhooked Sandy from her carseat, I whispered into her ear to go tell daddy that she saw a bunny that she wants.  (Don't judge, all you mommies have done it before!....I hope I'm not alone in using my cute kids to persuade daddy.)

Daddy didn't say no, but he didn't say yes either.  I commented that we already had a rabbit pen and he agreed that yes we did have a rabbit pen.  But what finally gave me the assurance that we could go get the bunny, was when Popo (Matt's dad) walked into the house and gave Sandy some change in his pocket to add to her bunny account.  Chaching!  I took that as a sign that we were meant to have the bunny!  We hopped in the car and went to go get our bunny!

After we got to the feed store, we had our bunny picked out and was about to head out the door, when a second worker of the feed store walked in.  He told the kids, "Oh! You've bought a bunny!  What are you going to name it?  Oreo?"

Then I said, "No.  We didn't buy the little black and white bunny.  We bought the big fluffy bunny."

The young, wide-eyed boy said, "Oh no."  He looked back at his co-worker and said, "I should have told you or written a sign on the cage, that those bunnies aren't for sale.  Those are our breeding pair."

The workers exchanged looks to one another like are you kidding me looks.  And both said, "Man we feel so back breaking a little girl's heart."

I told them that Mommy really wanted the bunny, too.  So now they broke two girls hearts.

The boys continued to tell us that they were already yelled at once before for trying to sell the rabbits, but that if we bought both rabbits, we could have them.  Well, Sandy didn't want to put bunny back.  Brazos was with us and he didn't want to put the rabbit back.  I didn't want to put the rabbit back.  So we did the best possible choice and brought home TWO bunnies!

And now Athena and Gizmo, I mean Munchy and Crunchy are enjoying their new home at Our Little Piece of the World.   And is sounds like we will be having baby bunnies in the future, so if anyone needs a bunny later on Munchy and Crunchy can hook you up!  (But we did tell the feed store that we would happily let them sell the bunnies, since we did take their breeding pair.)

Sandy taking her daddy to see the bunnies.

Munchy Athena, out pretty little lady bunny.

Crunchy Gizmo, our fluffy little boy bunny.