Thursday, May 24, 2012

All the Pretty Dresses

Every time Sandy wears a pretty dress we like to play "Modeling".  She's the perfect model....of course, I'm biased, but she really is.  She has the cutest smirk and even her stares can be glamorous.  I know that she will only fit into these dresses for a short while so I want to remember every little outfit with a picture.  Here's some of her pretty dresses.

We usually take pictures in Brazos's room because he has the best lighting through his window, so one day he decided to join in on the fun since we were in his room.  He's a pretty cute model himself.

Valentine's Day

I really miss Valentine's Day at school because it is the MOST exciting day of the year. The kids are excited to hand out Valentine cards and we get to eat lots of yummy sweets.  Look at this spread of sweets we had one year!

One year I even made Valentine boxes for every kid in my class as my Valentine gift to them.  We even made cute crafts to celebrate the day like this "Love Bug" and "Lovely Butterflies".

But at home Valentine's Day is a bit more low key.  I had given Brazos a marshmallow cupcake that was the cutest candy I'd ever seen.  He devoured every piece of it and was buzzing all day long.  I had given Sandy a pink sock monkey that was calling my name at the store.  I had bought it before she was born hoping that I would have a little girl to give it to. I like to think the toys are like the toys in Toy Story.  This sock monkey is so happy to have this sweet little girl as her owner.  I think they'll be friends for a long time.

I can't wait till the kids are in school and we can make Valentine's to pass out to all their classmates.  Who knows, maybe we'll throw a Valentine's party at the house next year and invite YOU!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sandy's First Bath

Dear Sandy,

    I gave you your first bath when you were a week old.  You had a sponge bath on the bathroom counter next to the sink.  Brazos enjoyed wetting his hair while mommy bathed you.  You fussed a little bit and I thought that this was a sign that you would not like baths.  But today you are four months old and you love taking a bath.  Yay!

     After your first bath, you had your first photo shoot with mommy.  It was the first of many.  We had so much fun...well at least I did.  I will always love taking your picture!

                                                                                     Rub-a-dub-dub and smiles,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No More Muddy Feet

     Before Sandy was born Matt had been wanting to make a sidewalk from the front porch steps to the garage.  He had used a waterhose to lay out his plan on where the sidewalk should be.  One day a neighbor of ours had stopped by and Matt had asked him if a sidewalk was something he knew how to do.  The neighbor said he knew how to make sidewalks and that was the end of the conversation.

     During the days we spent at the hospital during Sandy's birth, Matt had called several concrete layers to get quotes on the sidewalk.  He had made an appointment with one company to come out to the house to look at his idea.  This appointment was on one of the days we were still at the hospital.  Matt had decided to leave the hospital to go meet this man at the house.  While Matt was driving home the man had called him saying, "Do you still need me to quote your sidewalk because there is a group of men already working on digging up the dirk work?"  Matt was a bit confused about this, but come to find out, our neighbor had hired someone to do the sidewalk without our consent {not as a nice gesture as it may sound...we still had to pay}.

     Although our sidewak had a rocky start, we ended up with a smooth pathway that will keep our feet from being muddy during those rainy days.  The sidewalk was finished on the first full day I was at home alone with the kids.  My father-in-law came over to help and he even put the kids' and our dog's footprints in the sidewalk.  These permanent markers will be great reminders of their tiny years.

Digging up the dirt for the sidewalk

Brazos looking on they are ready to pour the concrete

Popo and Brazos watching the
workers spread the concrete

I was watching through the window as Popo told Brazos to sit and do
not get up {didn't want him walking in the wet concrete}.  Brazos sat
so well and every few minutes he would stand as if he was ready to run
and then sit right back down.  He tried his hardest to follow directions,
but once his patience ran out he ran through the wet concrete.  I wasn't
watching when this happened, but I sure would have liked to see those tiny
footprints across the wet concrete.  The workers were so nice about it
and just smoothed it all back out without complaining.

Smoothing out the concrete
If you notice on the garage door there is a sign that reads "Do not let
the dog out."  Brazos not being able to read opened the door and Sadie
came running out.  The workers quickly caught her and put her back up.
I'm pretty sure they didn't want to smooth the concrete a third time.

Popo helping Brazos with his handprints
Popo helping Sandy put her footprints in the concrete

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

I love to watch this little girl sleep.  Sometimes I just stand at her crib while she's sleeping and look at her with amazement.  When she smiles in her sleep I like to think she's dreaming about her mommy.

Someone else likes to watch her sleep, too....and wake her up!

Of course, I also love her when she's awake!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Do they look alike or not?

Lots of people have been telling me how much Sandy resembles her brother.  Sometimes I see the likeness and other times I don't notice it.  But I found a few pictures and you can decide for yourself if they look alike or not.  I wonder what you're going to say...well, I have a good idea.


Cullen's First Birthday

Dear Cullen,

     Happy First Birthday!  It was just a year ago that Aunt Amy and I threw your mommy and brother a "Big Brother" party to prepare for your arrival, and now it's already your first birthday!  My how time flies!  You have grown into a handsome little fellow with big blue eyes and gorgeous blond hair.

Birthday Boy Cullen

     Your first birthday party was a great event!  Your mommy and daddy worked hard preparing for your big day and all their hard work paid off.  Everyone had a blast celebrating with you!  Cody and his older friends played on the slip and slide while you and Brazos enjoyed pushing trucks and tractors around.  You were a hoot walking around in "bear-crawl" style.

Cody and Tylenn stuck in the mud

Brazos and Cullen playing with tractors

The awesome bear-crawl

     Your dad and Popo bar-b-qued pork chops for everyone and Nana made her special potato salad and spinach salad.  Then it was time for cake!  Your mom and one of her friends made you two very cute cakes that looked like Cookie Monster.  After we sang "Happy Birthday" to you, you dove right in.  I think you loved every bite by the look of the blue icing spread all over your face.  Your cousin Brazos really liked the cake, too.  That was his favorite part of the day!

Nana and Sandy

Popo making bar-b-qued pork chops

Cookie Monster Cookie Cake...yom yom yom yom!

Singing Happy Birthday with your Cookie Monster cake
Enjoying cake and blue icing

     Next you opened all your presents.  Your mom, Aunt Kay, and Brazos all helped you tear into your gifts.  You recieved some really cool toys - a tricycle, a Lighting McQueen rider, and toys with lots of buttons and lights.  You even got some clothes and Cookie Monster shoes so you can start your new year stylin'. 

Your mommy and Brazos helping you open presents

On his new tricycle

     Your first birthday was amazing and I hope that one day you can look back on all the photos we took of you and know that you have been loved right from the start.  We are all excited to watch you continue grow into a terrific toddler, a cool kid, a smart teenager, and a handsome man.  The world is your's to explore!

                                                                                          Lots of love,
                                                                                          Aunt Bobbi Jo