Sunday, May 26, 2013

Holden's 2nd Birthday

 During the spring we seem to have so many birthday parties to go, but it only makes sense to have all these babies born in the spring.  Spring is a time of new life and new growth, so why not celebrate some baby love.

  You know I love a good birthday party, and the party we went to this weekend was not only good, but GREAT!  A friend from my college days at Texas A&M invited the family to Schulenburg to celebrate her son, Holden's, second birthday.

   It was a Monster Party!  The kids had fun coloring on a huge monster coloring page, masquerading their smiles behind monster grins, and eating the most amazing monster cake.  Even the watermelon was cut into a monster gobbling up strawberries and pineapples.

   This little man, Holden, was a total cutie.  I have never seen a two year old stay so focused on opening presents, but Holden didn't miss a beat.  He ripped open every present and his little expressions showed appreciation for each gift.  My favorite was when he pulled a stuffed bear out of the gift bag and gave his new bear the tightest squeeze.  I think the whole room went "Awww!"  That little bear just found the perfect owner.

   I am beyond grateful that my friendships made while at Texas A&M have remained strong throughout the years.  Watching our kids grow together makes my heart happy.  Here's to many more years of birthday parties and friends!



We had a monstrous time at the party!
Happy Birthday, Holden!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Cullen's 2nd Birthday

   This past weekend we celebrate my nephew, Cullen's, second birthday.  Earlier in the day me and the kids went over to Cullen's house to help decorate for the party.  Because of the wind and angry kids we didn't exactly get to decorate much.  We tried to hang party fans and put streamers and curly ribbon on the tables, but the wind just blew everything away and tangled all of our fans.  We blew up balloons, but you can guess what happened there.......the wind tangled them like crazy and blew them all over the place.  The kiddos weren't exactly playing friendly with one another either, so between fighting the wind and playing referees we just gave up. 

   Oh well, it's the people that make a party special anyways, and we can happily say that Cullen was surrounded by people that love him.  He had a grand time playing with friends, hitting the piƱata, blowing out his candles, and opening presents.  All the kiddos even had their faces painted like clowns for Cullen's 2nd Big Top Celebration!

Cullen's mom, Kristin, has the best cake hand writing!

Happy Birthday, Cullen!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Andrew's First Birthday

   A dear friend of mine from college days back at Texas A&M invited us to help celebrate her son's first birthday.  Andrew is a total cutie, as well as his big sister Emma, and I love that our kids get to grow up together.  Emma just melts my heart when she runs up to Brazos and gives him a hug and tells him to "Come play!"  Brazos just runs after her with glee and they make the sweetest buddies.  I can only hope that Sandy and Andrew become great friends like the older kiddos. 

   Andrew's mommy, Alaina, threw together a super cute construction party for her little man.  Alaina's mom is way talented as well and helps create crafts and sweets for special events.  The party was perfect with dump truck sugar cookies and tool belt party favors.  The kids had fun playing ball and feeding the ducks at the park pond.  Andrew was priceless when he dug into his birthday cake!  He wasn't interested in eating it, but he had a blast tearing it to pieces.  I think he had a perfect first birthday!


Happy First Birthday, Andrew!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Friday night Brazos and Matt had a boy's night out at the camp house in Columbus, so Sandy and I had a girl's night out at home.  We tried going shopping, but at this age she's not the best shopping partner.....she wants to organize everything on the shelf by taking it all off and then putting it all back on.  I tried taking her shopping once and she took a whole shelf of bubbles off the bottom shelf and by the time I picked up all the bubbles, she was behind me unloading another shelf.  We did make it to the store though to buy a movie and we visited Great Granny and TicTac and my mom.  At home we stayed up past midnight just playing around and watching our movie.

Saturday, after resting all morning, we drove out to Columbus to meet the boys and the rest of Matt's family for a Mother's Day dinner.  Brazos had so much fun following his older cousin, Cody, around and fishing together at the tank.  Sandy was all smiles when Popo took her on a four wheeler ride.  I even had fun fishing and caught two fish!  Fishing can be fun when the fish bite your worm immediately.  That's my kind of fishing...not the sitting around a waiting kind.  Brazos caught several fish as well and he named each one after a train.  Go figure.

Dinner was delicious and as long as the fish were biting, everyone had a great time!

This is his "Mom, you take too many pictures" look.

How could I forget.  Aunt Kristin brought a marshmallow gun and Brazos that it was the coolest thing ever!

She's still not a fan of taking her picture in the weeds.

The is Brazos and Sandy's great-great aunt and uncle.  They live just down the road from the camp house and joined us for dinner. 

The previous owners of the property had left a boat by the pond.  They told the Supaks that it had a leak in it, but just not if the leak was big or small.  Matt and his brother decided to try out the boat.  This picture was taken as soon as they pushed the boat in the water.  That's as far as they got.  The boat started filling with water immediately!

One of Matt's brothers was a true fisherman.  He took his sock and shoes off and walked in the water to unhook his lure from a snag in the water.  Why waste a good lure, right? 

Brazos finally caught Thomas the Fish with help from Aunt Amy and Cullen!

Uncle Ryan was trying to get Brazos to touch the fish.  He finally had the guts to touch it and even held it to throw it back into the water!