Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sisterhood Social

Every year Zion Lutheran Church in Brenham has their Sisterhood Social.  It's a fun evening were the ladies of the community come together in fellowship and enjoy good food, great entertainment, and fabulous friends.

Volunteers host a table at the event and are in charge of decorating the tables.  Some pull out their fine china and others pull out their creativity for themed tables.

This year {and every year from here on out} the social was two weeks after Sandy's birthday, so I just reused some of her party decor for my table.  My mom had a fantastic beach themed table that looked amazing.

Look at these beautifully decorated tables!

Look at how creative this centerpiece was!  I love it!


I had a lovely time with my "Sisters in Christ" and want to thank each of them for gracing me with their presence for this years social.  You ladies are the best!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Boys!

The beginning of 2013 has been filled with lots of celebrations.  We've had Sandy's birthday and Brazos's birthday is right around the corner, but we have also had cousins with birthdays.  We went to Nathan's 8th birthday party at the skating ring, and today we celebrated Chase's first birthday.

Nathan's birthday party was filled with video games and skating round and round.  We all enjoyed some birthday cake and "ooo"ed and "aahhh"ed over presents being opened.  I think Nathan had a great day hanging out with all his friends.  Happy 8th Birthday, Nathan!

Nathan was super excited to open his present and find a football.  I think his wish came true!

Brazos didn't want to skate at first {and the birthday boy didn't skate at all.}  But after about an hour of thinking it over, he decided to give it a try.  I was so happy to watch him skate around the ring, and it was a sweet moment to watch his daddy help him skate.  I'm hoping that he gets really good and likes to skate, because I hope to spend many summer days up at the skating ring.  I can still remember my grandma taking us up to the skating ring on summer days.  I'm pretty sure there's a skating ring birthday party in our future, too.  I mean, if you live in Brenham, you just have to have a party at the skating, right?  I know I did.

These two little ones were too small to skate, but they sure had their share of fun, too.  Sandy was fascinated with Chase's stroller and pacifier, and Chase was the life of the party dancing on the tables.

At the end of each skating session, The Skating Ring always has foot races.  I didn't notice Brazos in the line-up of kids 3 and under until my cousin said, "Look at Brazos!"  When the whistle was blown to start the race, he had no clue what to do.  Once he saw the other kids start to run he followed..................far behind.  He didn't even round the first corner when some of the kids already finished the race.  It didn't matter that he was last - I was still a very proud momma.  After the race was over Matt went out to try to get Brazos off the track, but Brazos ran from him.  I came out from the other direction to try to catch him, and that little stinker turned and went the other direction.  We finally caught him and were glad to provide a little entertainment to end the party.

Today was Chase's first birthday party.  Chase is Nathan's little brother.  His party was at his grandpa's house, a perfect place in the country for a Farmall tractor party.  Everyone enjoyed playing outdoors, eating good food, admiring the birthday cake, and most of all - the hayride!

Chase enjoying his birthday cake, scraping up every little piece.  Sandy sat beneath his chair and ate his crumbs.

While playing outside, the little guys and gals wanted to hang with the big boys.

One big boy was kind enough to play toss with Brazos for a little bit before returning to his own football game.  The look on Brazos's face is priceless.

Time for the hay ride!

Chase and his daddy, one proud pop.

Chase and his mommy on the hayride.

Time to open presents and play with all the new toys!

The place where the party was held at is the same place were my grandpa grew up.  As a kid, I was introduced to horses out at this place.  Sandy enjoyed looking at the horses from afar, but once we got up close, she wasn't too sure about petting them.  I thought it was pretty cool for her be introduced to horses the same place I was.  That's one of the joys of raising kids in your hometown.

+Happy Birthday, Chase and Nathan!  I hope this next year is filled with love, excitement, and new adventures for you both!  Thanks for letting us join in your celebrations.