Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Making Papa Proud

Today for lunch we surprised Matt at work.  I tried to get everyone to hide by the time clock, but two little curious kids kept peeking around the corner.  Matt finally caught a glimpse of a little head and we were busted.  We had a hot picnic on the back of his truck with sweat dripping down our backs, but it was still fun to see daddy in the middle of the day.

Then since Brazos was wearing his Diesel Fuel shirt, we headed up to Shelby store to take some pictures by old gas pumps.  We were making Papa proud (because he delivers gas for a living).


After taking pictures we went in to buy something from the store to be polite and support the little establishment.  We came out with quite the assortment - mints, a can of chili, bottled Coke, and chocolate cake mix.  Here's to Papa and old country stores!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boat Ride with Daddy

Dear Sandy,

Ever since your daddy took you on a boat ride out at the camphouse you have been hooked.  Last weekend, you had a special day all by yourself (brother had a special day with Granny) with momma, daddy, nana, and popo at the camphouse.  You sat and fished with daddy for a while, but since the fish weren't biting, you coaxed daddy into a boat ride.  As much as momma wanted to ride with you, I even more wanted to sit back and take pictures of your special ride with daddy.  He told you to sit in the back but you insisted sitting right next to your daddy (which is highly unusual).  You wanted to hold the paddle all by yourself, so daddy let you work those little arms.  I can remember daddy laughing at your tiny strokes because he knew this was going to take a long time to get from point A to point B.  You loved paddling around the pond waving at everyone that watched you.  I hope you look back at these photos and remember this special ride with your daddy, just you and him.  So much love shines through these photos.

Love your adventurous spirit,