Friday, December 26, 2014

Let's Play Christmas!

My kids can find the easiest ways to entertain themselves. 

We keep the Easter eggs out all year long, zipped away in a tidy little bag, and tucked in the toy box.  Why?  Because Brazos loves to fill the eggs with candy from the candy jar and hide them around the house for Sandy to find.  We have Easter egg hunts on a weekly basis around here.  AND he sometimes where's a headband with Easter bunny ears!

We also have Halloween quite frequently.  He'll ask for bowls from the cabinets and fill each bowl with candy.  Then he sets a bowl on each persons bed throughout the house and they walk room to room trick or treating.  AND of course, there may be a little girl dressed as Elsa for the occasion.

This past week as I was wrapping gifts for the cousins, Brazos and Sandy wanted their try at the crafty skill.  So I picked a wrapping paper roll that I wasn't thrilled about any more and let them have at it.  They wrapped their stuffed animals (which isn't the easiest shape to begin your wrapping adventures with, but to each their own).  I was in charge of tearing the masking tape (wouldn't let them use my clear tape because I only had one roll).  Then they exchanged gifts for a little gift giving party.  So....I'm guessing we'll be playing Christmas or birthday party quite often now too!  Good cheap fun!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tea Party

Watching Sandy have a tea party with her stuffed animals just melted my heart.  It's the reason why having a daughter is so special.  Mommies look forward to watching their little girls play dress up and have tea parties.  She just recently has discovered that her stuffed friends can sit up and attend the little parties she throws.  There were a few moments of defeat on her face when the animals wouldn't sit up the way she wanted them to.  Normally she is begging her brother to join the party, and normally he does, but this time he joined in on his own and she was not thrilled.  I think he knew I was taking pictures and he didn't want to miss the chance the jump in front of the camera.

I am in love with these photos.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Making Papa Proud

Today for lunch we surprised Matt at work.  I tried to get everyone to hide by the time clock, but two little curious kids kept peeking around the corner.  Matt finally caught a glimpse of a little head and we were busted.  We had a hot picnic on the back of his truck with sweat dripping down our backs, but it was still fun to see daddy in the middle of the day.

Then since Brazos was wearing his Diesel Fuel shirt, we headed up to Shelby store to take some pictures by old gas pumps.  We were making Papa proud (because he delivers gas for a living).


After taking pictures we went in to buy something from the store to be polite and support the little establishment.  We came out with quite the assortment - mints, a can of chili, bottled Coke, and chocolate cake mix.  Here's to Papa and old country stores!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boat Ride with Daddy

Dear Sandy,

Ever since your daddy took you on a boat ride out at the camphouse you have been hooked.  Last weekend, you had a special day all by yourself (brother had a special day with Granny) with momma, daddy, nana, and popo at the camphouse.  You sat and fished with daddy for a while, but since the fish weren't biting, you coaxed daddy into a boat ride.  As much as momma wanted to ride with you, I even more wanted to sit back and take pictures of your special ride with daddy.  He told you to sit in the back but you insisted sitting right next to your daddy (which is highly unusual).  You wanted to hold the paddle all by yourself, so daddy let you work those little arms.  I can remember daddy laughing at your tiny strokes because he knew this was going to take a long time to get from point A to point B.  You loved paddling around the pond waving at everyone that watched you.  I hope you look back at these photos and remember this special ride with your daddy, just you and him.  So much love shines through these photos.

Love your adventurous spirit,


Friday, June 20, 2014

Slip'n Slide

When Brazos was just a babe, the summers seemed so long.  He wasn't old enough to participate in the summertime activities, so we just stayed home like we always did.  But now that he is old enough to join in the fun, we are just going going going this summer!  The school year is slow compared to summertime around here.

The first week of "summer" {meaning the first week school kids are out} we attended our church's Vacation Bible School.  Brazos and Sandy really enjoyed it.  Even the cousins, Cody and Cullen joined in, as well as Brazos's friend, Chloe.  The highlight of the week was probably when a family who owns a rental business, lent a giant blow-up water slide for the evening.  And of course, I forgot bathing suits that day, so Miss Sandy wore a pair of white bloomers, and Brazos just went in his shorts.  Oh well.  The kids didn't mind one bit what they were wearing, as long as they got to play in the water.

The second week, Brazos attended another VBS at the Methodist church in town.  There were probably over 100 kids involved!  It was huge and looked fantastical as soon as you walked in the door.  Brazos had a tough time letting me just drop him off.  But by the end of the week, he was brave and just winced a bit as I walked away.  We went to watch him sing on the final day and he was all smiles to see us in the audience.

So that brings us to this week, already.

Monday I took the kids to the Blue Bell Aquatic Center for swimming in the pool.  It's tiring and crazy to keep up with two kids who don't know how to swim in the water.  I told them it was only a special treat and to really enjoy the few hours we were there.

Tuesday we went to the public library's summer reading program at the park to see The Bubblelady.  Brazos got to sit and watch, but I had to take Sandy out of the room because The Bubblelady was quite strict on having kids stay still, and Sandy wasn't the best candidate for sitting still.  But afterwards we played on the slide and then came home and made our own bubbles.  Also, Brazos had his first piano lesson with Miss Stephanie, his godmother!  Watch out Beethoven!

Wednesday we went to the library for Storytime with Mrs. Lulu, which was about dinosaurs.  The kids played the kid games on the computer until I had to carry Sandy out screaming because she wanted to play more.

Thursday we had some friends come over to play on the slip'n slide that was given to us from the VBS water day.  Kids just need a water hose and some kind of sprinkler to have fun.  Easy entertainment!

And today, Friday, we had another sweet girl come over to play on the slip'n slide some more!

The summer is off to a fast start and will slip away before we know it.  But we are making the most of all the fun activities and we're ready for another week of summer adventures!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Owl

I have been looking forward to Brazos participating in the Maifest ever since he was a tiny babe.  I signed him up last year, only to receive a phone call that he was two months too young.  :(

Well, he is old enough this year!

I was so excited about his costume assignment.  He's an owl!

After searching Pinterest for ideas, I found some costumes that I knew I could make.  So with lots of felt and hot glue, I introduce to you.......


p.s.  He is convinced he can fly with his wings on.  We perched him on the tree for pictures and afterwards when we reached up to help him down, he said, "I don't need help.  I can fly down."

p.s.s.  I made this all the day before it was due for the newspaper.  We can't miss our first newspaper debut!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lutherhill Photography Retreat

The first weekend in April, my mom and I took a weekend "off" as Granny and Momma, and headed out to Lutherhill in LaGrange.  Lutherhill is a Lutheran camp that hosts many different retreats throughout the year.

We were excited to get to spend a weekend taking pictures and learning more about our cameras.  We had three awesome teachers who took time from their busy lives to share their knowledge of photography.  They made us practice in manual mode, showed us some cool photography tricks, and taught us how to use the editing software Lightroom.

My mom and I had lots of fun not only taking pictures, but doing the activities Lutherhill has to offer as well.  I did the zip line and played GaGa Ball.  My mom and I both did the BIG swing and archery.  FUN!!

We also went to a neighboring farm to take bluebonnet pictures.  The field was covered in bluebonnets....but for us country girls that see bluebonnets on a daily basis, we were kind of like, "Cool.  We got a few pics.  Can we go now?"

All in all, it was an amazing weekend filled with the Holy Spirit and lots of good times!

So this picture isn't super, but I was taught how to make the light shine like a star rather than a blob of light.

Gaga Ball