Friday, August 24, 2012

Seven Months

Dear Sandy,

Today you are seven months old!  That means your first birthday is only five months away!  I am super excited about your first birthday party and now the countdown is on.

At seven months you love to roll across the floor and play with any toy that comes into your path. 

You enjoy standing in the ExerSaucer and chewing on the pieces. 

After six months of bathing on the counter by the sink, you've graduated to the baby bath tub. 

At the beginning of the month, Mommy took you to Water Babies swim class.  You loved to kick and splash in the water, and you were so brave when you jumped into the pool and went under the water.

Brazos is your best friend.  You love to watch him play and giggle with him.  In the evenings you enjoy going on strolls with him.  Mommy pushes you in your stroller and Brazos drives his car to lead the way.

You are a messy eater.  You eat two containers of baby food each day.  When Mommy brings the spoon to your mouth, you grab it and wave it up and down.  You also make all kind of moaning noises when you eat.  I definitely know when you don't want any more because you will cry or push the spoon away with an angry look on your face.

You're up to 15 pounds.  Everyone says you're "petite."

Your hair is slowly growing and it looks like it may be blonde and straight.

When you babble you say, "dadadada."

You can almost sit up on your own.

You don't have any teeth.

You had your first mud bath outside and loved every minute of it.

You enjoy sitting in the garage and watching your daddy work on his tractors.

Mommy painted your toes for the first time.  Actually, it was only each big toe because you kicked and kicked and kicked.

Here you are at seven months....still beautiful as ever.


What a wonderful month you had and I can't wait to see what the next month holds in store for you. 


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