Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween 2012

Ok.  So I'm a little behind on posting pictures.  But our Halloween pictures are worth sharing although they're a month late.  Of course, I think every picture of my kids is worth sharing because I think every picture they take is adorable.

Halloween for us is like a trip around the world.  We start by visiting our neighbors.  Then he we head to Great Grandma's house and walk around the block.  Next we drive on over to the Fall Festival to visit Granny.  Then we're off to Nana and Popo's house.  Finally, we drive out to Welcome to visit Stephanie, the kid's godmother.  It's is literaly a trip from one end of the country to the other.

I had deciced a while back that Brazos would be an American soldier, because he had Army fatigues given to him by his Aunt Emilie last year while she was in boot camp.  He finally fit into the outfit this year, so it was perfect for Halloween.

I really wanted Sandy to be something that coordinated with Brazos's costume.  During the summer I had found an outfit that was covered in camo ruffles.  But it was sleeveless and really didn't match his costume at all, and it really bothered me that I didn't make her costume.  I made Brazos's first costume and I really wanted to make Sandy's first costume, too.

After a lot of thought, I finally came up with her costume and made it the week before Halloween.  She was a nurse!  I sewed her little dress and made her a hat.  I found her white stockings and white shoes.  It was perfect and she was the sweetest nurse I had ever seen.  My mom had bought her a winter coat that she also wore with her dress because it was cold.  The coat matched her little outfit so well and she looked like a World War II nurse.  I was in love with my two kids!


We also went to Burton Elementary's Halloween Carnival with my two nephews.  Cody wanted to be something scary this year and Cullen was the cutest sleeping dragon.  Yep...he slept through it all, but he did a great job looking cute in his costume.

Brazos and Sandy were allowed to dress-up one day at their school for a little Halloween party.  Brazos's army pants were too big and kept falling down, so I thought it would be best not to wear them to school.  I don't want him fighting off the girls just yet....hehehehe.  Anyways, he still fit into his Einstein shirt from last year so that's what he wore.  Sandy wore a cute little spider jumper because I didn't want her getting her little white dress dirty before Halloween.

I just love dressing my kids up and I think I already have a plan for next year!  I'm so excited!

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