Saturday, June 22, 2013

Family Vacation {Day Two}

     The second day of our Galveston vacation started with sleeping in late!  Matt works six days a week and has to be at work at 6:00 each morning, and on Sundays he's up early to go to church, so he rarely gets the chance to sleep in late.  So sleeping in late was definitely on his list of things to do while on vacation.

     We did get up early enough the catch the tail end of our continental breakfast and Brazos loved his homemade waffle from the waffle maker.

     Once everyone was fully awake and tummies full of waffles, we loaded the car and headed to the Galveston Train Museum.  We had past the building several times not knowing that it was the train museum.  From the front you couldn't see a train in sight.  We found a parking spot in the lot next to the museum and we had to pay $5.00 to park.  Matt started to put a dollar in the parking meter, but then I saw on the flier I had that people going to the train museum could park for free.  Matt stopped putting money in the wrong slot {yes, he put the dollar in someone else's parking meter!} and we walked into the museum.  We bought our tickets and asked about the parking.  The man said, "Oh yes, we have free parking in the back of the museum.  If you parked next door, I hope you put money in the meter.  I had a guy come in here once and ask about parking and before he could get back outside he already had a ticket on his windshield."  What do you know.....Matt went back outside to move the car and someone was already writing him a ticket.  Luckily they stopped and Matt was able to move the car without any trouble.

     The museum was amazing!  It's a beautiful building with a large waiting area with wooden benches and a gorgeous news stand.  A local artist created ghost passengers that sat in the benches and stood throughout the train station.  The passengers were solid white and were all wearing period clothing from the hay days of the train station.  They ghosts didn't phase Brazos one bit, but Sandy was a bit leery of the stiff people staring at her.

     The train station had small table with Thomas the train toys and of course, Brazos noticed it right away.  Matt and I noticed the big trains outside, but we could barely convince Brazos to stop playing to go see the big trains.  He was in a super bad mood when we made him walk outside to see the big trains.  We thought the sight of the huge engines would make him bounce back into a happy little man, but it took him a good 15 minutes to finally get out of his funk.  Once sweet Brazos came back to us, he was ecstatic to climb into all the engines and train cars.  The museum was the perfect place for our future train conductor!

This little girl reminded me of Peter Pan because she was trying to catch her shadow.  It fascinated her!

     Choo choo!  All aboard the Supak Express!  Next stop, the beach!  The rest of the day we spent playing in the sand and water at Crystal Beach on Boliver Peninsula.  It was so much fun!  Even though we've been to the beach twice in the past year, the was the most fun I have had at the beach.  Sandy followed Brazos everywhere he the water, to the sand, to the water, to the sand.  And she loved sitting right at the edge of the water letting the waves wash over her little legs.

     This last picture is one that I turned in for an online photography class I'm taking.  The assignment was to take pictures that tell a story.  Pictures should show the setting, characters, and close up details.  We had to make a collage to turn in showing all three.  My instructor said, "The color on this is phenomenal.  Perfect!"  That made my day.  It's nice to be the student every now and then. ;)

And although the beach was covered in seaweed, we still had a blast!  Day two of vacation = success!


  1. Love the blog! and even more love that hat. We will have to try the Train Museum, been to Galveston many times but missed that spot. Suzanne/suiteanglaise (also manchesterlass from the BPC Photostyle class)

  2. Love the pictures! And you look like a 1960's movie star in your picture on the beach - LOVE IT! :)

  3. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Love that glam shot of you too =)


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