Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year

    Our New Year's Eve was a great start to the new year.  For about a week we thought about what we were going to do to celebrate the new year - go to the camp house, go to the movies, go dancing, invite people over - and when the day finally came it looked like we were just going to stay home.  At the last minute two good friends decided they would join us at the Shelby dance.  My mom came over to watch the kids and Matt and I enjoyed an evening of sipping on red wine, dancing, and laughing with friends.  After the dance, at one in the morning we decided to go eat out at Denny's just to make the fun last a little longer.  Everyone else feasted on eggs and bacon and I had my favorite meal to begin the new year - spaghetti!  It was the perfect start for 2014.

   As each new year begins I think about resolutions.  Last year I didn't have any and I must admit it felt a little freeing.  No obligations to live up to each day.  I didn't disappoint myself if something didn't get done.  But I do have a list of things I would really like to improve upon this year.  All day long I think of items to add to the list, but as I sit here typing my mind is slipping and I can only think of a few.

  • On the non-school days, I want to make time to sit with Brazos and Sandy to do some kind of educational activity.  Two years ago I bought some learning center activities from a teacher supply store, and we have only made it through one center!  I have the supplies, so I need to make the time to do these activities with the two of them.
  • I want to make time to visit with each of my grandmothers at least once a week.
  • To try to keep the house in order, I would like to be able to clean one room a day.  Hopefully I will adopt the mindset of not worrying about a messy room because I know in just a few days the rotation will come around and the room will get clean.
I think these are my three major resolutions, but I'm sure there are tons more that will pop into my mind each day.  My prayer for each of my family and friends is that 2014 is full of happy blessings and that we allow the good Lord to work through us and be a light to one another.

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