Friday, June 20, 2014

Slip'n Slide

When Brazos was just a babe, the summers seemed so long.  He wasn't old enough to participate in the summertime activities, so we just stayed home like we always did.  But now that he is old enough to join in the fun, we are just going going going this summer!  The school year is slow compared to summertime around here.

The first week of "summer" {meaning the first week school kids are out} we attended our church's Vacation Bible School.  Brazos and Sandy really enjoyed it.  Even the cousins, Cody and Cullen joined in, as well as Brazos's friend, Chloe.  The highlight of the week was probably when a family who owns a rental business, lent a giant blow-up water slide for the evening.  And of course, I forgot bathing suits that day, so Miss Sandy wore a pair of white bloomers, and Brazos just went in his shorts.  Oh well.  The kids didn't mind one bit what they were wearing, as long as they got to play in the water.

The second week, Brazos attended another VBS at the Methodist church in town.  There were probably over 100 kids involved!  It was huge and looked fantastical as soon as you walked in the door.  Brazos had a tough time letting me just drop him off.  But by the end of the week, he was brave and just winced a bit as I walked away.  We went to watch him sing on the final day and he was all smiles to see us in the audience.

So that brings us to this week, already.

Monday I took the kids to the Blue Bell Aquatic Center for swimming in the pool.  It's tiring and crazy to keep up with two kids who don't know how to swim in the water.  I told them it was only a special treat and to really enjoy the few hours we were there.

Tuesday we went to the public library's summer reading program at the park to see The Bubblelady.  Brazos got to sit and watch, but I had to take Sandy out of the room because The Bubblelady was quite strict on having kids stay still, and Sandy wasn't the best candidate for sitting still.  But afterwards we played on the slide and then came home and made our own bubbles.  Also, Brazos had his first piano lesson with Miss Stephanie, his godmother!  Watch out Beethoven!

Wednesday we went to the library for Storytime with Mrs. Lulu, which was about dinosaurs.  The kids played the kid games on the computer until I had to carry Sandy out screaming because she wanted to play more.

Thursday we had some friends come over to play on the slip'n slide that was given to us from the VBS water day.  Kids just need a water hose and some kind of sprinkler to have fun.  Easy entertainment!

And today, Friday, we had another sweet girl come over to play on the slip'n slide some more!

The summer is off to a fast start and will slip away before we know it.  But we are making the most of all the fun activities and we're ready for another week of summer adventures!

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