Sunday, August 23, 2015

School Year's Eve Party

With Brazos starting kindergarten this year, I knew I wanted to throw him and his friends a back to school party.  On several blogs I have read about others hosting back to school parties for the past few years, and I was excited that this year was finally my turn to host one.  Brazos and Sandy invited their closest friends for one last hurrah before school started.

I designed invitations on PicMonkey and printed them on Shutterfly.  I had seen some invitations on Etsy that gave me the idea to call the party a "School Year's Eve Social."

Most of the other party decorations and supplies came from Dollar Tree or just things that we had around the house.

The party was scheduled like a school day, so to get the party started the school bus driver had to go pick up all the students first and bring them to school.

Once everyone arrived to school, we practiced our alphabet by seeing who could stack the tallest tower with wooden alphabet blocks.

Then they practiced writing their names.  I had a white tablecloth for them to write on with a permanent marker.  Each year that they come to the party we will sign the tablecloth to see how their handwriting has changed.

Time to practice the fire drill and put the fire out!

Lunch time everyone!  Mrs. Kelly graciously volunteered to be the lunch lady.  She was serving Breakfast of Champions - Cereal, Brown Bag Special - PB&J Sandwiches, and the Hot Lunch Line was serving hot dogs.  I found lunch trays at King Dollar earlier that morning and they were perfect for lunch time!

Recess time was after lunch.  The big kids played kickball.  The smaller kids played in the sandbox and in the rice tray with tractors.  Sandy wanted to make a rice angel on the concrete.  I think it was because she was so tired she needed an excuse to lie down.

Today was school picture day, too!  We had several school represented at the party!

At the end of a school day, it's time to clean up all your trash.  Each student was given construction paper to crumble up and toss in the trash can.

Parent pick-up time!

Because kids have to wake up so early in the morning, they need to take their baths as night.  Bath time every one!  Rub a dub, dub, marshmallows and Cheetos in the tub!

Off to bed with a midnight snack!

To make sure everyone started the school year on the right foot, each parent was sent home with lunchbox notes for their little students.  Each day these students will have a reminder of how much their loved when they open their lunch boxes at school!  I designed them on PicMonkey to match the invitations.

It was an awesome last play date before school life begins for us!  I'm looking forward to the Back to School party next year now!

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