Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So the two mommies that I have spent the most time with from my MOPS group like to read, and occassionally they will talk about the books they've read recently.  I couldn't exactly add to the conversation because I don't normally read just for fun. 

I didn't even read the books I was supposed to read in high school unless we read them together in class.  Well, I do remember reading one outside of school which was for my biology class called "The Hot Zone."  I read it all in one weekend while sitting outside on the toolbox of my mom's old grey truck.  And actually which I was at the book store this past week, I noticed that "The Hot Zone" is still on the reading list.  I know I read parts of "Jurassic Park", but I relied alot on my friends hoping they had read it, which Kate normally did and she would tell me the jist of what happened.  Thank you, Kate.  I know that wasn't very nice of me.  Please forgive me.  Of course I had seen the movie, but our teacher was very good at picking questions that had nothing to do with the movie, and as a teacher, I would do the same thing.  Well, I might give one question from the movie just to give those nonreaders a few points and not a total zero as a grade.

Anyways, I decided to start reading and I have enjoyed it to my surprise!  I absolutely love Nicolas Sparks, which I loved from the moment I read "A Walk to Remember" way back when.  (Okay, so in college I did read a few books.)  I also read the "Notebook" before it became a movie.  It's pretty awesome to read a book and then see it come to life in a movie.  Other Nicolas Sparks books I read are "The Choice", "The Wedding", "The Lucky One", and part of "Message in a Bottle."  I only read part of it because one day at Texas A&M I had long wait in-between classes, so I went to the library and just sat and read until it was time to go to my next class.  I never saw that movie, because I assumed it was boring, but I may be wrong.  Oh, and I've also read "Nights in Rodunthe".  And all the ones that eventually became movies, I read them first long before the movie was out.  For a while I thought, "Oh this one is probably going to become a movie since I read it."

For the ones that haven't become movies, I try to imagine who I would cast as the actors and actresses for the characters.  For example, the book "The Lucky One" is about a marine who finds a picture on the ground of an American girl.  No one claims the photo so he keeps it in his pocket during his deployment.  He survives many combat attacks so his best friend Victor tells him that it must be his lucky charm, and that he needs to find the girl when he returns home to thank her for keeping him safe.  Well, a lot happens but he does go on a journey to try to find her.  So here are the characters:  The marine is Justin from Brothers and Sisters.  The girl in the picture is Rebecca from Brothers and Sisters.  Victor is Fez off of That 70s show.  There are other characters that I've assigned roles to, but I don't want to tell you too much in case you want to read the book.

Currently I am reading "Water for Elephants".  I haven't seen the movie, but I remember the previews which showed the movie to be very glamourus.  Well, the book doesn't start out so glamorous, and if the movie is anything like the book I would hope it's rated R for "racey"!  This auther leaves no details out.  But so far it is a really good story and easy to follow.  I'm excited and curious to see the movie after I finish reading it.  Lindsey Williams read it a few months ago and she told me it was really good and that I should read it, but I wasn't a reader a few months ago.  If only I had read it a few months ago we could have talked about at her party. 

So right now I read in my free time, when I should be cleaning the house or making party pacs for my mom. But the dishes can always wait, right?

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