Friday, September 23, 2011

Washington County Fair

Last week was a great week!  It was time for the Washington County Fair.  I love going to the fair to watch all the animal shows, to watch the rodeo, to see all the photos and crafts locals have made for contests, and see the latest western fashion that people are sportin' these days {which seemed to be daisy dukes and cowboy boots}.

The week started off with the Fair Parade in downtown Brenham on Saturday.  For the past several years I have riden on the "Past Queens" float because I was fair queen in 1999.  This year I rode on the float with my sidekick Brazos {and my mom since she organized all the ladies for the float}.  My little buckaroo was a rootin' tootin' cowboy!

Later that evening we went to the fair grounds to watch the crowning of the fair queen.  Tatum Westerfeld was the winner and she was the first fair queen to win to be sponsored by the local Anchor Club!

Brazos was much more interested in the rocks and dirt on the ground.

The actual fair started on Wednesday.  Brazos went to the fair with my mom that morning while I went to my monthly doctor's appointment.  Later I met them there and we watched the pig show and lamb show.  We walked through the Country Creations building to see how mine and my mom's photo's did in the photo contest.  I got two blue ribbons and a red ribbon.  I alos got a blue ribbon on my scrapbook.  My mom's photo got Grand Champion!

Pointing to his grandma's Grand Champion's of him!

He found more dirt to play in, too.

We went back on Thursday evening and walked through the tractors.  Brazos enjoys sitting on tractors and lawn mowers.

You can't go to a county fair without eating an ear of corn!

We went back on Friday afternoon, too.  I helped work at the commercial steer auction and we watched the rodeo.  Brazos even had to steal the camera and take himself a self-portrait.  I think he loves the fair just as much as his mommy!

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