Friday, September 23, 2011

Galveston Vacation

At the beginning of this week our little family of three went to Galveston Island for vacation.  Matt was super ready to be off of work for a few days, and we both were excited to show Brazos the beach.

When we arrived on Sunday evening we checked in to our hotel {Harbor House}.  The building was a warehouse that was renovated into a hotel.  It is located on the port side of the island, so we got to watch all the big ships come in and out, as well as the oil rigs light up at night.

Brazos loved our room because it had so many toys - telephone, alarm clock, microwave, light switches, refridgerator, and more!  He even did good sleeping in a big bed for the first time.

Later Sunday evening we took Brazos to the seawall to see the beach.  Here's his first visit to a beach!


On Monday we rode the ferry to Boliver Peninsula and drove on Crystal Beach.  We also played in the sand at Crystal Beach later on Monday evening and visited an old military battery {a place where weapons are stored}.  Brazos enjoyed lunch with the gorillas and elephants at The Rainforest Cafe.  Matt enjoyed touring the Ocean Star Oil Rig Museum.


On Tuesday we took Brazos to Moody Gardens.  I have to be honost and tell you that this was not the most enjoyable of our vacation.  Brazos began the day throwing a fit and refusing to hold our hands while walking.  We tried to do Super Nanny on him but it didn't work.  He wasn't interested in the animals, except for the seals for about a minute.  He didn't want to sit to watch the 3D movie, although he did enjoy the 4D movie with Dora and Diego.  We did have some peace when he slept for a short while on the paddleboat ride. I just don't think Brazos was ready for a museum environment, but we tried to make the best of the day.

Wednesday was our last day of vacation.  We went to Seawolf Park on Pelican Island.  Matt tried to do some fishing on the pier but he had little luck.  We could see fish swimming around, but no bites.  He did manage to catch a small perch.  Brazos and I just enjoyed walking around the park.  Later in the day we tried another failed attempt to tour the Moody Mansion.  We got to walk through two rooms of the manion while Brazos was sleeping, but once he woke up our tour was over because he threw a fit.  It's a good thing our tickets are good for a whole year, so maybe we'll make it back to Galveston to finish the tour one day.

Overall our vacation was great and Brazos was a happy camper as long as he could run free on the beach.  Now it's back home and time to practice some discipline so next time we don't have a temper tantrum while in public.  We'll see how that goes. 


  1. I love it! And your pictures are wonderful....looks like y'all had a great time - minus the temper tantrums - it only gets worse! lol

  2. He may not have acted like a good trooper but at least he looked good! Cute pictures. Sounds like a fun trip!


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