Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Parties

Our family has been blessed with great friends and family.  We've been thankful that they have invited us to celebrate their milestones with them, especially birthdays!

During the summertime, Brazos enjoyed a swimming party for his friend Jake.  Jake turned 3 years old!

A few weeks ago, Brazos was asked to help celebrate Chloe's birthday party.  Chloe and Brazos will be classmates when they start school in a few years.  The two enjoyed playing with toys together, and especially petting the pet rabbit she recieved as a gift!  Chloe turned 2 years old!

This weekend our family was invited to help Caleb, a cousin, celebrate his birthday.  All the kids enjoyed jumping in bounce houses and running around with transformer masks on.  Brazos thought the cake was absolutely delicious!  Caleb turned 5 years old!

May God bless each of these children with a year filled with good memories!

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