Friday, June 8, 2012

100 Days of Summer Festival

Our little family attends the church that I grew up in, but a few weekends ago the Catholic church that Matt used to attend held their 100 Days of Summer Festival to kick off the summer season.  I've always wanted to take our kids to visit St. Mary's, especially when it's all decorated for Christmas, but they woulnd't sit through a service, so that'll have to wait.  But the festival was perfect for Brazos and he had so much fun playing all the games!

After Brazos picked a duck, his prize was a duck and
he wanted to put his new duck back in the pond. 
He didn't understand that he got to keep it, but now
we have a new duck for our growing duck collection.

He was super excited to go fishing with daddy!

He loves any game where he can throw things.

This bowling game was his favorite!
We had to go buy more tickets so he could play again.
We couldn't get him to stop even after his turn was over.

Playing golf for the first time.

"Maybe it's easier if I sit down."

Keeper of the Prizes
I think she would have rather played.

Brazos on the train ride.
He waited all day for that train ride.
He enjoyed sitting in the parked train, but once it started
rolling he wanted OUT!

Let the summer season begin!

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  1. So fun! Looks like it was a blast for the kiddos - or at least for Brazos!


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