Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Days

Here's a glimpse of what our days of June have been filled with...

Brazos dog sat for his Nana while she was on vacation with Popo.  Brazos had lots of fun walking Rhett Butler around, but Rhett was super happy to go back home when Nana came to pick him up.

Sandy has been trying her hardest to sit up while laying in her chairs, so we decided to buy her a Bumbo chair to help her sit up straight.  Here she was enjoying her chair and watching her brother play in the front yard.


This little man is obsessed with TRAINS!  Our days at home are spent watching Thomas the Train, reading train books, building train tracks, and drawing trains.  Here he was sitting at the kitchen table drawing more trains.


For his birthday in March we bought Brazos a playhouse.  I'm kind of disappointed that he doesn't play in it more often, but one morning he ran outside and I found him playing by it.  So I had to capture the moment.  I'm hoping one day Brazos and Sandy will enjoy the playhouse together.

Sandy has lots of chairs to sit in...a swing, a bouncer, a Bumbo chair, a high chair, a beanbag.  She only enjoys each chair for a short amount of time.  Here she is in the bean bag piled with a bunch of toys hoping they would make her enjoy the sit for a little bit longer. 

Our church hosted Vacation Bible School a few weeks ago.  Brazos was old enough to participate this year and he really enjoyed it.  I taught the Arts and Crafts section and it was fun to watch him come into my classroom and sit at the table with his other classmates and create works of art.  Here is a photo of all the kids and their palm leaves at the opening of VBS.

Of course my mom, Granny, had her camera with her during VBS and Brazos doesn't miss the opportunity to take pictures.  He loves to take pictures with her camera and her iPhone. 


Brazos had gotten a hold of Granny's phone after VBS and him and friend, Avery, took turns taking pictures of each other.  This is how he posed for his picture.

We also went on our family vacation in June and I'll tell you about that in another post, so yall come back!

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