Tuesday, July 3, 2012

After a Rainy Day

So a few days after I found Brazos at the water trough, I found him here.

I guess the boy just loves water!

We had just gotten home from running errands and Brazos had seen the puddle in the driveway.  He quickly ran over to it and said, "Water!"  Then he knelt down in the mud and took a big ole' gulp - not just one, but several, time and time again.

Maybe it taste better from this puddle.

Next he discovered the joy of running through the muddy muck and letting the mud drip through his fingers.

Next he went pickin' wildflowers.


Here's what Sandy thought of the day:


Boy...you've lost your mind!



  1. Priceless! I love your pictures......and the fact that you didn't panic because he was playing in the mud!

  2. Brazos is SUCH a boy! Your photography is looking really good by the way!

  3. Too adorable! Love the pictures!


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