Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sisterhood Social

Every year Zion Lutheran Church in Brenham has their Sisterhood Social.  It's a fun evening were the ladies of the community come together in fellowship and enjoy good food, great entertainment, and fabulous friends.

Volunteers host a table at the event and are in charge of decorating the tables.  Some pull out their fine china and others pull out their creativity for themed tables.

This year {and every year from here on out} the social was two weeks after Sandy's birthday, so I just reused some of her party decor for my table.  My mom had a fantastic beach themed table that looked amazing.

Look at these beautifully decorated tables!

Look at how creative this centerpiece was!  I love it!


I had a lovely time with my "Sisters in Christ" and want to thank each of them for gracing me with their presence for this years social.  You ladies are the best!

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