Sunday, February 3, 2013

Annual Sausage Making Day 2013

Today was our annual sausage making day.  I really believe that this day is one of Matt's highlights of the year.  Matt's parents and his brothers bring together all the deer and wild hog meat together from their hunting expeditions and make sausage. 
Us girls had "baby duty" and spent most of the day making sure little hands didn't touch the raw meat and stayed out of the way.  But we did get to help wrap the sausage once it was smoked.  We ended up with 204 sausage links!
They first cut the meat up into small pieces.  Then they put it into a grinder.

Then they pack the sausage into casings and tie them off the length you want each link.  I was busy tying the links, so my hands were too messy to take a picture of this step.

The sausage links are hung onto a stick and placed in the smokehouse.  A few hours later, out come tasty-lookin' sausage links!

Of course there's lots of play time while the sausage is smoking!

So for this next picture....Cody and his daddy were playing basketball.  I wanted to take a picture of them so I told them, "Hold your balls still."  Well, you can imagine were the boy,s minds went.....but they ended up taking a great picture together.

When all was done and every thing was cleaned up, Cody made roasted marshmallows for everyone.  Then we all went off to our seperate homes to take baths and crawl into bed.  Even the pups were tired from their long day of running in the country.

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  1. Wow, wow, WOW! What an incredible tradition. Looks like so much fun and the sausages look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible artisinal food craft!



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