Monday, January 5, 2015

Brazos's 4th Birthday!

So a year has almost come and gone and my computer is filled with pictures that need to be shared and printed!  It's time to share Brazos's 4th birthday party before the 5th one rolls around!

Last year we tried to have a party somewhere other than the house.  It was fun, but boy was is COLD!  We had his party at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park.  It is a great place for little people to explore and play.

The theme for his party was "Mud Puddles, Frogs, and Worms....that's what little boys are made of!"  A sweet friend, Brion, designed his invitations and I loved them!  She did an awesome job!  Being that the party was away from home, decorations had to be simple.  I made a fringe banner of blue, brown, and green (which now hangs in his room).  I had an old shutter that I attached pictures of my muddy little man on.  The tables had buckets with dirt, worms, and frogs (which my nephew Cullen picked out all the gummy worms and ate them).  And that's about it for décor.

The food was easy too!  All we needed was cake and chocolate milk, because no one wanted to stay and eat in the cold anyways.  Brazos enjoyed helping make his dirt cake by placing all the gummy worms in the pudding.  And of course, we had Brenham Cake Pops make adorable little frog cake pops.

The party favors were frog Webkins that I found at Dollar Tree!

The kids were bundled up for an few hours of fun!  They played on the playground, fed the chickens, washed some clothes, and played some old fashioned games.  Brazos enjoyed opening his presents and eating dirt cake.  Once everyone's fingers and noses were frozen, we packed up and went home to play with new toys!

Our party away from home was a success!  (But we are having it back at the house this year.)


P.S.  We went back to Barrington Farms a few months ago to film for the chambers newest ad, and while at the farm, the lady was about to tell us about all the activities the kids could do.  We politely stopped her and told her we knew all about it and that we actually had Brazos's birthday party here there in March.  And SHE REMEMBERED!  She said, "Oh yes.  Yall were the ones who had a party on that cold, windy day."  I guess they don't see many visitors during the cold season.  Or many birthday parties out there either. 

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