Friday, December 26, 2014

Let's Play Christmas!

My kids can find the easiest ways to entertain themselves. 

We keep the Easter eggs out all year long, zipped away in a tidy little bag, and tucked in the toy box.  Why?  Because Brazos loves to fill the eggs with candy from the candy jar and hide them around the house for Sandy to find.  We have Easter egg hunts on a weekly basis around here.  AND he sometimes where's a headband with Easter bunny ears!

We also have Halloween quite frequently.  He'll ask for bowls from the cabinets and fill each bowl with candy.  Then he sets a bowl on each persons bed throughout the house and they walk room to room trick or treating.  AND of course, there may be a little girl dressed as Elsa for the occasion.

This past week as I was wrapping gifts for the cousins, Brazos and Sandy wanted their try at the crafty skill.  So I picked a wrapping paper roll that I wasn't thrilled about any more and let them have at it.  They wrapped their stuffed animals (which isn't the easiest shape to begin your wrapping adventures with, but to each their own).  I was in charge of tearing the masking tape (wouldn't let them use my clear tape because I only had one roll).  Then they exchanged gifts for a little gift giving party.  So....I'm guessing we'll be playing Christmas or birthday party quite often now too!  Good cheap fun!


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