Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Planting Corn

I think I have been in love with corn fields ever since I saw the movie Field of Dreams when I was a kid.

Matt and I tried planting a few corn plants about five years ago when we first started our garden, but our corn never matured and produced corn.  We had been talking about planting a bigger patch this year, but time just got away from us...until yesterday.  Matt hopped on his tractor, plowed a spot in the field, went to the feed store to buy some corn, and we planted it.  Just like that!  We know we are a few weeks behind, but we are hoping for some tasty sweet corn in the fall. 

So in the fall, you can come on over to take some pictures in the corn rows and pick yourself some sweet corn for dinner.  I hope!

The kids helped in the beginning, but quickly gave out on us, so Matt and I had to finish the rest of the rows.  I think Sandy planted about half a row and Brazos finished one row.

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