Monday, April 13, 2015

Sandy Creek

Matt's work schedule has changed and he has a few weekdays off sometimes.  Today was a day he had off.  I was beginning to clean house....or at least move stuff around, as always, when Matt walked in to ask if I wanted to walk to the creek.  He knew I've been wanting to take my camera down there to take some pictures, so he told me to put on his rubber boots and let's go!  We were all really excited as we headed to the creek!

After Matt assured us that there were no snakes and Sadie went down first, we found our way down the bank.  Brazos wanted to lead the way!

Now it was time to tromp in the water!


The creek was beautiful and the kids had lots of fun splashing around.  But the loooonnngg walk back the house was another story.  I feel for Matt because he had to carry a wet little lady all the way back home.

Next was baths to get the sand out of their clothes and off their little bodies.  And now my sweet husband is plowing a spot to plant a corn patch.  Because he knows it will make great photos in the fall! ;)

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