Monday, May 16, 2011

Junior Maifest Parade

Last Friday Brazos and I ventured downtown to watch the 121st Junior Maifest Parade. The Maifest celebration highlights Brenham's German heritage and also showcases the youth of our town. The festival began in 1881 and has continued every year since, with the exception of a few years during World War I and World War II.

The festival begins with a colorful parade through downtown. Children ranging in ages from three to seniors in high school dress in costumes related to a theme chosen by the king and queen of the Maifest. Firetrucks lead the parade to remind us that the local fire station was the original sponsor of the Maifest many years ago. Sirens blow loud and lights are flickering! The king and queen end the parade dressed in amazingly beautiful gowns and suits.

I think I took Brazos to the Maifest last year, but he would have only been two months old. This year is the first year that I thought he would actually enjoy the parade. We parked by my mom's place of work, Green Grain, and I didn't take the stroller. I decided to let Brazos walk around town, because when else are you free to let a toddler walk the streets without worry. He didn't want to sit still at all!

We found a few friends to say "Hi" to, but we never found a permanent seat because the little man was too busy walking everywhere. Even once the parade began he didn't care to sit still and watch. I held him for a few minutes when the parade first began, and the sirens of the firetrucks didn't scare him. They just made him jump up.

The State School busses parked near the spot we were standing and Brazos is fascinated with cars and wheels, so he enjoyed walking by the bus. The residents of the school enjoyed him, too, and would tell him "Hi" through the windows.

The parade's theme was "Magnificent Movie Memories." The kiddos costumes were all from different children's movies such as Shrek, 101 Dalmations, and Toy Story. A lady sitting next to us tried to get Brazos' attention and said, "Look it's Shrek!"  Of course Brazos had no clue who the costumes represented because he refuses to sit still and watch television unless he's in his high chair eating breakfast.

Later that afternoon we went to Firemen's Park for the Maifestival (I didn't realize they had a name for the park festivities). My mom was working the Bounce House, so of course we let Brazos try it, but he wasn't interested. He's not a jumper yet, just a stumbler. We didn't watch the Corination, which a big production showcasing the children in costumes. A magical land is created on the Cubs' baseball field with walkways and large painted backdrop. I didn't get a picture of it, but I could see the backdrop from afar and it looked like an old-time movie screen with a red curtain. At the corination each child walks up to a stage covering home plate and takes a bow as their character is introduced during a story read to the crowd. The corination ends with the king and queen slowly walking to their throwns to take their reign as King and Queen of the Maifest. There's no way Brazos would sit still to watch any of that.

Here's a few pictures of the parade and our adventures at Maifest! I can't wait until Brazos is in the Maifest! {You never know...he may be king one day!!!}

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