Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Last Few Days

Events have occurred over the past few days that I figured I should document just so I don't forget.

Tuesday, April 26th: Went to visit Grandma Lyles in Pearland with my mom and Emilie.  We picked up some of her things that she wanted us to sell in a garage sell.  She agreed to let Justin have one of her couches.  Emilie said that she plans on making a career out of the Army.

Thursday, April 27th: Brazos fell down the front porch steps!  I didn't grab his hand quick enough and he thought he could take that first step by himself.  It was like watch him in slow motion roll down the stairs.  I was so scared that he would have a broken bone or a bloody scrape, but he had no bumps or bruises, just a small scrape on his arm.  He cried and let his mommy hold him for a few seconds but was ready to keep on truckin'.  Although he is reluctant to walk down the stairs now.

Friday, April 29th:  I set my alarm for 3:00 AM to wake up and watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London, England.  The first hour of coverage on the news was the repeat broadcast of William's parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.  The second hour was the arrival of guests with each lady dressed in her best Sunday clothes (a bit surprised they weren't in evening gowns) and topped of with an extraordinary hat or fastenator (and I mean extraordinary because there was nothing ordinary about any of them).  It was exciting to watch Prince William arrive with his brother Harry.  Neither boy is on my list of most handsome men, but they did look dashing in their uniforms.  When Pippa, the bride's sister arrived, I thought she looked gorgeous!  She was keeping watch over all the little bridesmaids that were dressed in dresses similar to the flower girls of Diana's wedding, which made me a bit scared that Kate's dress would also look like Diana's dress).  When Kate arrived and stepped out of the car, it was magical.  I was expecting a dress like no other, but it was beautiful classic gown.  I really wanted to throw a Viewing Party but the time of the wedding wasn't very convienent.

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