Monday, December 12, 2011

Justin and Emilie's Wedding

My brother got married the day before Thanksgiving.  The ceremony was small, but it was perfect for Justin and Emilie.  Here's a few photos my mom took of the day...

Justin showed up with the price tag still on his jacket.  I guess he was hoping to be able to return the jacket afterward the ceremony.

We're both here so let's get this party started!

The ceremony...

It's official!  A happy husband with his marriage lisence.

Husband and wife...gorgeous photo!

Justin and Cullen, his "best man".

Emilie and Tara, the "Maid of Honor".

Emilie and "The Flowergirls".

All right gang...1,2, the lake to celebrate!

Emilie's sister, Amie, giving the new couple a champagne toast.  Cheers to Justin and Emilie!

Cake time!

Justin's family...minus Matt.  Welcome to the family Emilie!

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