Monday, December 12, 2011

Monkey Hats and Turtle Stools

At Halloween time Brazos wouldn't have worn a hat, but as soon as the weather turned cold and mommy said, "You have to put a hat on if you want to go outside," then Brazos was happy to wear a hat.  I absolutley love it when he puts his hat on!  The other day I walked outside just to get something out of the garage and as I was walking back to the porch there was a little boy holding my hat in his hand with the expression, "Mommy, if you go outside you have to wear your hat!"

We converted Brazos's crib into a toddler bed so he could get used to having a "Big Boy" bed before someone else stole his crib from him.  It's been four days and so far so good.  We just wake up about two hours ealier than usual. 

Here's a picture of the little step stool he uses for his bed, although he doesn't really need a step stool.  My Grandpa Lyles made this for me when I was little.  I recovered the fabric shell with fabric that would match Brazos's room.  I kept the vintage fabric that it was covered in underneath because it was just too cute to remove, but it had a stain on it from when a squirrel broke into our house and decided to use the bathroom on it.

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