Friday, December 9, 2011

Visiting Santa

Yesterday evening Santa Claus arrived at Blue Bell in an ice cream truck!  We didn't get there in time to see him arrive, but we did have the joy of standing in the long line to take Brazos's picture with him.  Actually, the wait in line wasn't so bad because we had the company of Grandma Cindy and Brazos's playmate, Natalie, was in line behind us.  It was nice to visit with everyone in line.

It was Santa's birthday yesterday so Brazos brought him a candy bar with a little card that said, "Happy Birthday, Santa!  Love, Brazos".  (Brownie points for an extra good present.)  Brazos was such a brave little boy and walked right up to Santa, but then immediately turned around and walked back to mommy.

We walked him back to Santa and he did a great job sitting on Santa's lap.  He just refused to smile, but it's still a beautiful picture.  I'm so proud of him!

Just to go back and remember, here was Brazos's picture with Santa last year at Blue Bell.  He has the same expression!

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