Monday, January 2, 2012

My Paula Deen Challenge

For Christmas my mom gave me a Paula Deen stockpot and two Paula Deen magazines with delicious recipes.  After looking through one of the magazines and wanting to eat every picture, I decided to challenge myself.  I thought about doing this challenge last year, but it didn't happen, so this year I'll try.  Remember the movie Julie and Julia?  Julie cooks every recipe in a cookbook written by Julia Childs.  Well, that's my challenge with this Paula Deen magazine.

So tonight I cooked the first recipe {yes, I'm going page by page in the magazine because if I skip around then I'll never make everything}.  I have to admit that the first recipe looked yucky to me but I cooked it anyway.  It was Mushroom Risotto.  I made a few mistakes during the cooking process, such as adding too much rice or letting my butter cook away before I could add the other ingredients, but Paula would say Honey, just through another stick of butter in there!  So I did. :)

The rice didn't cook all the way and I didn't buy enough chicken broth, so the rice turned out a bit on the crunchy side.  My sweet husband told me that it was perfect and he likes his rice crunchy.  Even Brazos ate it by the handfuls!

Here's my first challenge meal:

I served it with boiled broccoli and fried deer steak.  Although I was thinking "yucky", it was delicious.  I guess Paula Deen really does know what she's doing. ;)  If you want the recipe just let me know and I'll share!

 Let's see what tomorrow holds in store for the Supak kitchen!

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  1. That looks absolutely delicious and I bet it was yummy!! :) I wanted to do one of those challenges too after seeing Julie & Julia - I LOVE that movie! I would love to make Barefoot Contessa recipes - I wish she was my neighbor :) lol


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