Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer Vacation {Galveston}

On the second day of our little vacation we headed off to Galveston Island.

Along the way we stopped at Sylvin Beach in LaPorte.  They had a train museum but it was closed, so we let Brazos enjoy the playground for a few minutes instead.  Daddy went down the slide with him several times!

When we arrived in Galveston, we rode the ferry to Boliver Peninsula. 

Boliver Peninsula has some of our favorite beaches.  You can drive and park your car on the beach, and usually there aren't too many people on the beach.  There's lots of room to run and play.  Matt enjoys fishing in the water, while the kids and I play in the sand.
Brazos ran into the water before we could put his swimsuit on.  So he wore his regular clothes to swim and he wore his swimsuit for the ride home.  Sandy was a bathing beauty in her pink ruffled swimsuit.  Unfortunately, her swimsuit mildewed after wearing it at the beach.
Matt didn't have any luck fishing, as usual.  Brazos was keeping himself busy with dump trucks and shovels, while Sandy sunbathed in the sand.  Both kids really liked the water.  Sandy got upset when we walked away from the water!  She liked the waves splashing on her feet, and Brazos loved it when mommy and daddy would pick him up to jump over a big wave.  The only problem with the water this time was the seaweed.  The beach was covered in seaweed.
We had stopped at a grocery store to buy some lunch meat and bread.  Luckily we found a really cheap sand umbrella, too.  After eating a few bites in the shade, Brazos and Matt fed the birds the rest of our bread.  {Brazos has noticed birds ever since.  He never noticed the big black birds in the parking lots back home, but now I have to restrain him from running across the road to chase a bird.}
Our day at the beach was relaxing.


Once our fingers and toes were all wrinkly from the water and we had our sand spa treatments, we headed back to Kemah for the evening.  We ate dinner at the Aquarium.  Brazos was fascinated by all the fish we could hardly keep him in his seat to eat his dinner.  We saw a gigantic fish called an Australian Queensland Grouper.  He was HUGE!  He could have swallowed Sandy whole!
To end the day we walked through Sting Ray Reef.  The sign said that you can buy food to feed the sting rays.  Matt had said, "No."  He didn't think it would be very interesting.  But I convinced him to buy the food and he's so glad we did.  After giving us a tray of dead minnows, the cashier guided us around the corner to a large fish pool full of sting rays swimming around!  We reached our hands into the water to pet each sting ray as it swam by.  The rays were like puppies waiting for you to throw them some food.  Some would even jump out of the water to perform for us.  To feed a sting ray, you hold the minnow between your knuckles and the sting ray comes right up and grabs it out of you hand.  It was amazing!
Another great day of our mini vacation to the coast!


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