Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer Vacation {Houston Zoo}

As we headed home from our Texas coast vacation, we made a detour to downtown Houston to visit the Houston Zoo.  Luckily we arrived early.  We didn't know it was "Free Day" after 2:00pm.  As we were ready to leave, huge crowds flocked to the entrance gates.

I think Brazos enjoyed the birds the best, mainly because they were at his level and close for him to look at.  I loved the gorillas, giraffes, warthogs, and elephants.  I don't think Sandy had a favorite animal.  She slept through most of the zoo exhibits.

As we were viewing the gorillas, I made my way through the crowd to view them upclose.  When I went back to stand by Matt and the kids, I told Matt he could walk up there to see the gorillas.  He said, "That's okay.  I don't like gorillas."  Goofy ole' boy!

I think Brazos's favorite part was being able to climb in the jungle ropes and put his feet in the water fountain.  It was a bit hot for all of us, but it may have looked strange if all four of us plopped down in the water fountain to cool off our feet.  At least Brazos was small and cute and no one would complain about him putting his feet in the water.

Oh wait!  I know what Brazos's favorite part was....never mind what I said before.  His favorite was the train!!!  There was a train that took you on a tour of the museum district of Houston.  Brazos cried as we left the train to head to the zoo entrance.  Sandy loved the train, too!

One last thing I remember about the day....the food at the restaurant in the African village was delicious!  I know!  You don't expect food at a zoo or  amusement park to be so great, but the hamburger was on a homemade bun and the patty was thick and juicy.  As we ate, we could see the giraffes being fed from our window.  It was a great lunch at the zoo!

And off we went, back to home sweet home.

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