Thursday, September 27, 2012

Texas Ranger Day

This summer my mom and I took the kids to the second annual Texas Ranger Day in Burton.

The festival was started to honor Leander Harvey McNelly, a Texas Ranger, who was head of the Washington County Volunteers after serving in the Civil War.  He is buried in Burton.
The Burton Train Depot is the setting for the festival.  The day is filled with people touring the train depot, cooking for the Chili Cook-Off, playing in the kid's old west town, drooling over vintage cars, playing frontier games, and witnessing criminals being sentenced in front of a judge.
Of course we took Brazos because he LOVES trains.  He's obsessed.  He wakes up thinking about trains and goes to sleep with his trains right next him.  Granny bought him a train wistle and a conductor's hat.  He's set to go on a real train ride!

A great day for a little conductor!

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