Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sandy is 10 months!

Dear Sandy Pandy,

Yep.  That’s your nickname and I’m thinking it’s going to stick.  Your daddy started calling you this one day after he saw a cartoon with a panda bear named Sandy.  Brazos has caught on quite well and calls you “Sandy Pandy” more often than just “Sandy.”  So little girl, I think you will be “Sandy Pandy” for a while.  {But do you know that Brazos will not let you call him anything other than “Brazos”.  He refuses to have a nickname.  I wonder if you will tell us later on if you like “Sandy Pandy” or not?}
It’s hard to believe that my little girl has turned 10 months old.  This past month you have grown so much and you now weigh 17.6 pounds.  Most people tell me that you look nowhere near 17 pounds because you have such a petite little body.  I think you have the most beautiful legs.  I love to sit back and watch your little legs walk across the room.  That’s right!  You can hold on to the furniture and just go, go, go.  A few times you have let go and stood up on your own.  In no time you will be running around with all of us chasing you.
You are ready to try all kinds of food.  You enjoy eating mommy’s supper at night and you can scarf down your baby food.  You will only drink milk and refuse to drink water or juice.  Although, you love to take Brazos’s cup and drink his orange juice, but you make a sour face with every gulp.  Bananas are some of your favorites, as well as little cheddar puffs.  Oatmeal is your first choice for breakfast.  You’ve become really good at feeding yourself finger foods and love to eat Honey Nut Cheerios for a snack.  Sometimes we think you’re done eating, and later will find that you are still carrying a small piece of food around in your mouth!
You hate to ride in your car seat and will scream for an entire car trip if you have to.  The only way to keep you from screaming is to give you a bottle to hold and drink.  At restaurants you now sit in their high chairs, but you are quickly learning how to twist your wait out of them.
At home you love to play with anything Brazos is playing with.  All toys and items go straight to your mouth.  Every now and then you’ll carry a stuffed animal or little doll around which makes mommy’s heart smile.  For some reason you love to carry around a pair of your pants.  It doesn’t have to be any specific pair, just a pair of pants to drag along where ever you crawl.  You enjoy going into Brazos’s room and pulling out all his toys from under his bed.  Mommy and you like to sit on the couch and red stories together.
At night you usually refuse to go to sleep without a bottle.  Just like in the car, you will scream and cry and wheeze until someone either takes you out of bed or gives you a bottle.  Daddy has been successful a few times in holding you until you fall asleep.  Sometimes you both relax together on the couch watching t.v. while Brazos is taking his night-time bath.  You even took your first bath sitting in the bath tub all by yourself!
This month you celebrated your first Halloween!  Mommy made you a nurse costume and you looked just like your Great Grandma Lyles when she was a nurse.  We all went to the Burton Halloween Carnival together, as well as the Fall Festival.  You also visited the pumpkin patch and we bought you your first tiny pumpkin.  You also celebrated your first Thanksgiving this month with dinners at Great Granny’s house and Nana’s house.
Other events you went to were Avery Maass’s birthday party, Burton football games, Night at the Museum at Washington-on-the-Brazos, visited Great Grandma Lyles, went to Disney on Ice and refused to let Mommy sit in the stands, and you met Santa for the first time at the Poinsettia Festival!  You just sat on his lap and gazed up at him wondering what all that white hair was doing on his face.  You also went on your second trip to Galveston.  Granny and Mommy took you and Brazos to eat at the Rainforest Café while Daddy, Papa, Uncle Justin, and Aunt Emilie went fishing.  You also went to eat at Bubba Gumps and you strolled through the Christmas light display at Moody Gardens.  You even went to the American Girl Store for the first time and I think we will be visiting that store more often in future.
It was an eventful month for you, but you are full of energy and ready for it all!  Only two more months until we celebrate your one year milestone and party with all your friends and family!  I can’t wait!
                                                                                                   Love You Always My Pretty Girl,

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