Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Sand Box

A few months ago Matt finally built Brazos a sand box.  I had been asking him to build one for a while.  The arrangement was that he would build it and I would have to fill it with sand.  I used a wheel barrow and took sand from our drive way.  I'm thinking I might have to refill it soon since some little boy thinks it's fun to sling sand around.

With the weather being warmer these past few days, we've been playing in the sand.  Sandy can finally sit in the sand with Brazos without putting everything in her mouth.  She understands when Mommy says "No" and tries her hardest to listen, but sometimes the temptation gets the best of her.  So yes, she has had a few mouth fulls of sand, as well as sand in her hair and clothes from that slingin' that seems to happen.

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