Friday, December 28, 2012

Sandy {11 Months}

Dear Sandy,

It's Christmas Eve and you are turning 11 months old today!  What a fun day it will be for you, because you're going over to Nana and Popo's house to celebrate Christmas.  So not only will you get to open presents a month from today for your first birthday, but you get to open presents this afternoon, too!  You're one lucky little girl.

I think right after I wrote your ten month letter, you decided it was time to walk.  I worked with you a few days trying to get you to let go of the couch and walk to me just a few steps.  You always did it with a smile.  One day after work Daddy and I tried to get you to walk in the hallway a few more steps, and after you realized you could do it on your own, you were off.  You officially became a walker!

I think you can almost run, now.  Whenever you put something in your mouth that you know shouldn't be in there, you give Mommy a glance and then start moving the other direction as fast as you can.  And you are so fast at whipping your little head from side to side as I try to reach my fingers in to stop you from swallowing the object.  You also run as fast as you can when you have a toy that Brazos wants to play with.  You two haven't quite figured out how to share yet, but I think you two are getting a little better at playing together.

You still only have two bottom teeth, but I noticed your top, right, front tooth is starting to poke through.  That explains why you are always putting every object in your mouth to chew on. 

You love to eat table food and will only eat baby food if it's the only option.  Your teachers at Mother's Day Out told me one day, "Ok, mom.  Sandy threw a fit when she saw the other students eating pizza.  She refused to eat her baby food, so we tore the pizza up into little pieces for her."  I guess you'll be buying your lunch from now on.  Gosh, I didn't know that would start so soon.

Formula is still your drink of choice.  You even wake up once or twice, sometimes three times a night just for a bottle.  You used to sleep through the night, until that nasty salmonella attacked you.  During the day you love to carry your brother's sippy cup around, so I bought you your own sippy cup, but you don't seem so interested in it.

At your last doctor's visit you weighed about 18 pounds.  You also had an ear infection.  The doctor also said that we should wean you from waking up in the middle of the night for a bottle, but unless he's going to come over and listen to you scream {yes, you scream and you're really good at it} then I don't see that happening.  I'll be waking up every night with you until you're ready to sleep all night.  I don't really mind getting up with you, but after the third time I do become annoyed.  Sorry.

This month you rode on the Mother's Day Out float for the Christmas parade.  It was titled, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"  You even waved to the crowd!  I was so proud to hold you, but unfortunately you didn't want to sit in my lap.  You wanted to crawl around or stand up.   By the end of the parade route you were screaming so loudly because you were mad at me for trying to keep you on my lap.  You are such a wiggle worm!

At church you were in your first Christmas program.  You and Brazos were the two sheep at the manger.  You also went with me, Brazos, and Granny to sing Christmas carols.

On December 21st, we went to Great Grandma Lyles's house to celebrate her birthday and Christmas.  She was excited to see you walk.  You even wanted to climb the stairs to try to keep up with Brazos running around.  You figured out the climbing up part, but not the coming down.  Great Grandma Lyles had so many little figurines that sang and moved and played music.  You really enjoyed watching all of them and wanted to grab at each one.

This month you met Santa Clause for the first time...several times.  You weren't scared at all.  You just sat in his lap and stared up at his big white beard.  Your picture looked a lot like your brother's - no smile, just a blank expression on your face.

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Day and I know you will have a jolly ole' time.  Lots of sweet surprises await you.  I'm in high gear with your birthday party plans and your last month of your first year will fly by fast.  Merry Christmas my sweet little girl.


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