Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Texas Tradition: Bluebonnets

Well if you live in Texas you just have to take your pictures in the bluebonnets every spring.  Ever since the bluebonnets popped up, as I drove past them I kept telling myself, "I need to stop and take pictures."  But it was never a good time.  Someone was always sleeping in the car or someone was always dirty or snotty nosed. 

So one evening we finally found a small patch of flowers on a country road and took some pictures.  Brazos loved the idea because lately he's been a flower-pickin' mood.  It seems like every afternoon he wants mommy to walk with him to find flowers to pick.  Sandy on the other hand did not like the idea of standing in tall weeds just so mommy could have fun with her camera.

Here's our annual bluebonnet pictures!  Oh, and yellow flower pictures.
{I love editing my photos with PicMonkey!}


I told him to smell the flowers and I thought he would make an angelic face, but instead he crinkled his nose.


 And remember how I said Sandy didn't like this idea.  Here's what most of her pictures look like.


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    1. Thank you! I always love reading your sweet comments.

  2. These are so precious! I don't live in Texas, but I love looking at all the adorable photos from various bloggers who do! What a neat photo op!

    1. Thanks! It is so awesome to get a comment from a least not a spam stranger. I looked at your blog, too! And I too spend a lot of time avoiding the crumbs on the floor! When I finally sweep I am amazed at how bad I let it get. But I love doing laundry!


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