Monday, October 1, 2012

8 Months Old {Sandy}

Dear Sandy,

You are eight months old!  Only 4 more months until we celebrate your first birthday.  I'm not rushing your first year though because I am in love with your tiny little self, and before I know it you will be running around with your brother.  I'm soaking up every day with watching you learn and grow.

This past month had lots of great milestones for you!

You learned how to sit up on your own and push yourself back up if you fall.

You learned how to scoot around in a circle while sitting up. 

You learned how to pull yourself across the floor on your belly.

You are trying really hard to crawl on your knees, but your legs usually pop out behind you or you fall on your nose while trying to move forward.

Your front two bottom teeth have poked through.

You are exploring new foods and taking small nibbles on mommy's "human" food.

You can feed yourself Yogurt Melts and Puffs, but you still drop about half of them on the floor in the process.

You love to stand up and you'll even walk with someone holding your hands.

You attended your first Washington County Fair. 

You were a darling cow in the Fair Parade with the church float "Party with the Animals".

You started attending Mother's Day Out at First Baptist two days a week.  Your teachers love you, and I think you enjoy them, too.

You went to your first Brenham Cubs high school football game.  You went to your first Burton Panthers junior high football game.  You went to your first Burton Panthers junior high volleyball game.  All teams won so you must their lucky charm!

You and Brazos enjoy yelling back and forth at each other.

You like to be tickled and you have a great laugh.

You laugh everytime Daddy plays with the tiger puppet.

The only yucky part of your month was the two weeks you had salmonella.  Lots of pooh and crying, but you're all better now.

You're still beautiful and I'm pretty sure you always will be.  Mommy and Daddy love you lots, and Brazos even tells you every now and then, "I wuv you, Sandy!"

                                                                           With lots of love and adoration,

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