Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hueske Family Christmas

Last weekend we attended the 54th Hueske Family Reunion!  The theme was "A Hueske Family Christmas."  I know it's not Christmas yet.  We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to go.  But you see, I have picked the theme for the reunion the past few years, and as I was going through my attic, I came across a stack of Christmas stationary that hadn't been used, so I thought What the heck!  Let's have a Christmas party!  After all, we do Christmas in July, so why couldn't we do Christmas in October?

Family members all played along and came dressed in their Christmas best.  We decorated with Christmas decor and even played Chinese Christmas with 50 people!  The most saught after gifts were bottles of wine and M&Ms paired with lottery tickets.  A delicious turkey and ham dinner was served and we held our annual family meeting.


Gifts for special people in attendance....youngest, oldest, etc.

Lots of Chinese Christmas presents!
Family members signed thier names on an
ornament and placed it on the tree.

Here were the youngest members in attendance:

Chase and Sandy


The oldest member in attendance was 87 years old.  He sure looks good for 87!


These two love birds have been married for over 50 years!

Iva and James
My brother Justin and his wife were the most recently married couple!

When the invitation said to dress in your Christmas best to win a prize, these two came to win! 

Carol and Herman
Four little elves played Pin the Nose on the Snowman.  Some how all four of them pinned the nose right on the spot!!!  I put the blindfold on and couldn't see through it, so I didn't know how they could see through it.  Jax later spilled the beans and said, "I peaked from under the bottom!"  At least he was honest.

Addyson, Jax, and Madelyn

This little guy didn't understand that he
had to keep his eyes covered.  He lifted
the blindfold to pin his nose on!

 It was a jolly ole' time for the descendents of Frederick and Henrietta Hueske!

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