Friday, October 5, 2012

Thomas the Train

Brazos is obsessed with Thomas the Train just like a little boy should be.

When he was an infant he wasn't attached to any toy, such as a teddy bear or even a blanket.  He had toys he enjoyed playing with, but he wouldn't miss them if they were gone.  For his second birthday a good friend gave him a Thomas the Train play set, and ever since then he's been hooked on Thomas.  We have Thomas movies, Thomas blankets, Thomas pillows, Thomas trains, Thomas tracks, and we even eat Thomas snacks.

Last weekend Matt and I decided to take Brazos on an extra special train ride in Burnet.  He got to ride on Thomas the Train!  He even took his picture with Sir Topham Hat the train conductor and got to go shopping in the Thomas gift shop.  He was in wonderland.

It was crazy seeing little boys, and some girls, of all ages yelling, "I see Thomas!  There's Thomas!"

The day was rainy, but luckily Matt made us go by ponchos at Wal-Mart the night before for "just in case" purposes.  We waited for train ride in the rain, which was a bit miserable for Sandy.  Her car seat was soaked.  Brazos loved riding the train, although it only goes back and forth down one track.  It was a short 25 minute ride, but to Brazos it was perfect.  He stuck his head out the window to watch the tracks go by and he was even given a Junior Conductor certificate.




What a great event for our little conductor!

We also walked to downtown Burnet to eat at Tea-licious.  They claim to have the #1 "googled" recipe for sweet pickles.  They were delicious!  We even bought a jar to bring home and they're almost gone!  I loved how they served our food on vintage china plates and the pasta salad and other side items all came in their own tea cups.  It was a sweet treat to end the day.

As we were driving off, Brazos saw Thomas rolling on the tracks and from the backseat we heard the most sincere, "Bye Thomas".  It melted my heart.

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