Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh, Brazos...

Sunday after church a lady from our congregation pulled me aside to tell a story.  It's a pretty cute and amazing story....of course, I'm biased and love the fact that it's about my adorable son.  { was a bit hard for me to say "adorable" because at the moment his nose is covered in green boogers and he refuses to let me clean it.}

This lady from our congregation was at a funeral with her family, specifically her son and daughter-in-law.  She mentioned to her son that it was time they start making her some grand-babies.  At the mention of kids, they started noticing the children running around at the funeral reception.  They picked out one little boy and started commenting on how cute he was.  The mom {lady from our congregation} said, "He's cute, but not as cute as this little boy at our church.  He has the curliest hair.  He'll open the door for people and give your high fives.  I just love watching him during the church service."  {This family once told Matt and I thought we make the cutest kids and should make a whole slew of them.}  She later mentioned that his name was Brazos, and then the discussion began on how unique his name was.

After the funeral, the daughter-in-law and son began their drive home to Austin.  Along the way they took a detour to Round Top to do some antique shopping.  They went into a small shop called Indian Creek.  While shopping they noticed a cute little boy running around the shop.  As they began the "cute" comments again, the clerk joined in the conversation and said, "He's cute, but not as cute as this little boy who came in here the other day.  He sat and talked to me and we took pictures of each other.  Here, I still have his picture on my phone."  She pulled out her phone and found the picture of the cute little boy and as she held the picture up for the couple to see she stated, "His name is Brazos."

The couple looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking...What's the chance of hearing about a little boy named Brazos?  Could this be the same kid my mom knows?

The daughter-in-law asked the clerk to send the picture to her phone.  Once she did, the daughter-in-law messaged the picture to her mother-in-law with the question: Is this the Brazos you know?  Of course to the mother-in-laws amazement it was!  Then the story was shared between the two of them on how they found his picture and so on....

Gosh, I didn't know my son made such an impression on so many people and what a small world it is! 

Also, just a tid bit that blew my mind.....I made the comment to Matt that we should sign Brazos up for modeling and that we could make some moola.  Of course I thought Matt's reaction to this would be No son of my is going to be a model.  No way.  You know what he said...I think we would have to do a lot of driving.  I guess he could always go to Houston for that.  What!!!??!!!  I sat in disbelief for a second or two.  But if you think about it, Brazos does know what he likes fashion-wise.  While were at this Indian Creek store in Round Top, my mom wanted a bracelet.  Brazos kept telling her no and pointed to a different one he liked.  When she picked it up to purchase it, he kept putting it back on the shelf.  Who knows what's in store?  Maybe just one day you'll see Brazos on the next OshKosh advertisement......but don't hold your breath.  Men often forget what they say and agree to.

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