Sunday, May 26, 2013

Holden's 2nd Birthday

 During the spring we seem to have so many birthday parties to go, but it only makes sense to have all these babies born in the spring.  Spring is a time of new life and new growth, so why not celebrate some baby love.

  You know I love a good birthday party, and the party we went to this weekend was not only good, but GREAT!  A friend from my college days at Texas A&M invited the family to Schulenburg to celebrate her son, Holden's, second birthday.

   It was a Monster Party!  The kids had fun coloring on a huge monster coloring page, masquerading their smiles behind monster grins, and eating the most amazing monster cake.  Even the watermelon was cut into a monster gobbling up strawberries and pineapples.

   This little man, Holden, was a total cutie.  I have never seen a two year old stay so focused on opening presents, but Holden didn't miss a beat.  He ripped open every present and his little expressions showed appreciation for each gift.  My favorite was when he pulled a stuffed bear out of the gift bag and gave his new bear the tightest squeeze.  I think the whole room went "Awww!"  That little bear just found the perfect owner.

   I am beyond grateful that my friendships made while at Texas A&M have remained strong throughout the years.  Watching our kids grow together makes my heart happy.  Here's to many more years of birthday parties and friends!



We had a monstrous time at the party!
Happy Birthday, Holden!

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