Friday, May 3, 2013

Bubbles and Glasses

The kids have been obsessed with bubbles lately - probably because at every birthday party we've been to the party favors always include bubbles.  I love to blow the bubbles and have Brazos chase them.  He loves to chase them too, but becomes frustrated so easily when the bubbles float way above his head out of his reach or they pop before he has a chance to get near. 

Brazos is getting really good at blowing bubbles of his own, and I've even taught him how to catch a bubble and blow it into a larger bubble. 

Sandy likes to try to blow bubbles, too.  She hasn't produced a single bubble yet, but in her eyes she has made the most beautiful bubbles.  She dips the wand into bottle, takes it out and puts it right up to her lips, makes a pucker face, and then smiles at her job well done.

And we all have fun until this happens.....

We haven't quite perfected the sharing method yet.

And on a side note, it my little man ever needs glasses, he is so getting black-rimmed glasses.  Look at how cute he is!

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