Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Andrew's First Birthday

   A dear friend of mine from college days back at Texas A&M invited us to help celebrate her son's first birthday.  Andrew is a total cutie, as well as his big sister Emma, and I love that our kids get to grow up together.  Emma just melts my heart when she runs up to Brazos and gives him a hug and tells him to "Come play!"  Brazos just runs after her with glee and they make the sweetest buddies.  I can only hope that Sandy and Andrew become great friends like the older kiddos. 

   Andrew's mommy, Alaina, threw together a super cute construction party for her little man.  Alaina's mom is way talented as well and helps create crafts and sweets for special events.  The party was perfect with dump truck sugar cookies and tool belt party favors.  The kids had fun playing ball and feeding the ducks at the park pond.  Andrew was priceless when he dug into his birthday cake!  He wasn't interested in eating it, but he had a blast tearing it to pieces.  I think he had a perfect first birthday!


Happy First Birthday, Andrew!


  1. So cute! Love your pictures! You always do such a good job! Thanks again for coming! We always enjoy seeing yall!

  2. Great shots and love all the colors. Those cookies are too cute


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