Monday, May 20, 2013

Cullen's 2nd Birthday

   This past weekend we celebrate my nephew, Cullen's, second birthday.  Earlier in the day me and the kids went over to Cullen's house to help decorate for the party.  Because of the wind and angry kids we didn't exactly get to decorate much.  We tried to hang party fans and put streamers and curly ribbon on the tables, but the wind just blew everything away and tangled all of our fans.  We blew up balloons, but you can guess what happened there.......the wind tangled them like crazy and blew them all over the place.  The kiddos weren't exactly playing friendly with one another either, so between fighting the wind and playing referees we just gave up. 

   Oh well, it's the people that make a party special anyways, and we can happily say that Cullen was surrounded by people that love him.  He had a grand time playing with friends, hitting the piñata, blowing out his candles, and opening presents.  All the kiddos even had their faces painted like clowns for Cullen's 2nd Big Top Celebration!

Cullen's mom, Kristin, has the best cake hand writing!

Happy Birthday, Cullen!


  1. Oh I love all of these shots you took at Cullens birthday party, and think you already have down this "color" thing! He is so cute! No wonder you love taking lots of photos!

  2. Sweet that one of the little girl with the balloons trailing behind her. Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you in the classroom! :)

  3. Such fun images. Visiting from Find your photo style.


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