Saturday, April 9, 2011

Girl Scout Camp

Did you really bring me to Girl Scout camp?
Boy, today was a busy day!

Brazos and I started the day out at Happy Hollow, which is a local Girl Scout camping grounds.  The Brenham Service Unit was hosting a campout for all the Girl Scouts in Washington County.  No one in our troop is certified for overnight camping, so we just spent the day at Camp Rocks.

The camp day began with the flag ceremony.  All the girls had to walk to the flag pole in silence in two single file lines.  We then formed a circle around the flag poles as we watched four girls post the American flag and the Texan flag.  The posting of the flags was followed by the pledges.  Now it was time to start camp!  But that's when Brazos and I had to leave...

We hopped into the car and drove an hour and twenty minutes to Weimar to help host a baby shower for my college friend, Shelley.  Her aunt from Katy did most of the planning and she did a fabulous job.  When guests entered the facilities they were greeted by two photos - one of Shelley as a baby and one of Wade as a baby.  The cupcake tower was filled with pink and blue iced cupcakes each one adorning a baby item.  (Pink and blue because Shelley and Wade have decided to
not find out the gender of the baby!)  Surrounding the cupcake tower
were more cupcakes decorated to look like rattles.  They were very creative!  Another hostess had made a wreath out of diapers which was awesome, too! 

We played two games - "Guess What's in the Diaper" and "Finish that Lullaby".  Shelley was blessed with so many gifts to prepare for her soon arrival.  A few of the special items were the dresser given to her by the hostesses and a croched blanket that was made by her grandmother who passed away a few years ago.  Oh, and my flower pot of goodies that I made was a big hit, too! 

I'm surprised I can recall that many details of the shower, because I was constantly chasing a little boy who wanted to walk back and forth, and open and close every door, and push every button on the sound system, and grab at the cupcakes which were at the perfect height to reach.  When the presents were finished being opened, I was pooped and ready to go.  We gave Shelley a hug good-bye and it was on the road again back to Brenham.

When I arrived home Matt was working outside cutting wood.  I had told him that my Girl Scout troop wanted me to come back to camp if I could, but that I didn't want to lug Brazos around camp with me.  I was
hoping he would have said he would rather keep working than stay inside with Brazos, but he surprised me and came inside.  I was so tired, but I was off to camp again.

I was glad that I went back to camp, because I had a lot of fun with my two junior girls - Elena and Julianne.  We did some line dancing, hiking around the camp, and made a necklace at the arts and craft pavillion.  Our troop painted a rock and then found a place to put the rock at the camp grounds.  The rock will forever represent our troop and that special day at Camp Rocks.

Finally, I went home, but only after going to Phillipsburg to pick-up dinner!  Sleep time.

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