Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday was my and Brazos last day to go to MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers).  MOPS has been a great blessing to us.  Brazos has been able to play with other kids his age and he's also learned a few new things from watching the other kids.  Back in September he learned to hold his own bottle.  Sometime in October he decided to take his first scoot across the floor, and I'm sure seeing others scoot, crawl, and walk around him gave him encouragement.  I too have made many new friends, especially with the moms in my group the "Davinci Divas."  When I went to our first MOPS meeting, I was shocked at how many mommies had just moved to Brenham.  I guess being from Brenham, I'm used to everyone leaving Brenham, not coming to Brenham.  But Brenham has been blessed with a multitude of new, great families.  Many of us have children the same age, so I know our friendships will only continue to grow as we watch our children grow together and attend school together.  I can't help but wonder Which of these kids will be Brazos best friend?  Which child will be over playing at my house during those long summer days?  Only time will tell, and September will come soon and we can continue to make new friends when MOPS begins again.

When I picked Brazos up from his MOPS room, he was sound asleep.  I was a bit disappointed, because I love when I walk into the room and he sees me.  Usually I get a big grin and he crawls over to me and throws his arms up to be picked up.  The Moppettes (the ladies who babysit) said that they think he's getting sick.  They said that when the picked him up to change his diaper, he just laid his head on their shoulder and fell asleep as if he had no energy.  I'm not sure if he's sick or not, but we'll be going to the doctor for our one year check up today, so I guess we'll find out.  (I'll let you know how that goes...shots!!!  And I don't know he'll remember his last visit or not.)

We stayed home the rest of the day and Brazos found lots to do.  He cracks me up when he finds things to carry around the house.  While I was cleaning my room, he found one of my purses and threw it over his shoulder.  He walked straight to the front door as if he was ready to go shopping.  I guess he really does observe Mommy's actions.  Thankfully my purse was empty, because he usually pulls everything out of it and even chews on a few items.

Once the purse was no longer fun, he found his daddy's cap.  He doesn't like to keep caps on, so I was surprised to see him put it on his head.  I was laughing to myself when he started walking around with the cap.  The cap was falling forward and covering his eyes but he kept marching on...right into the couch!  At least it was the couch and not a wall or door.  I wish I had a video of his little stumble, but I knew I couldn't grab the camera fast enough and still have time to just enjoy the moment.

Later, Matt took Brazos outside to help pull weeds in the garden.  He also gave Brazos a tractor ride while I went to stack some firewood (I didn't get to far, because it was almost seven o'clock and I had to be inside to watch Vampire Diaries...bad addiction to tv).  Our calves were following me as I was walking in the pasture back to the house.  Their names are T-Bone, Cherry, and Pistachio.  Oh also, Brazos got his knees scraped for the first time.  He was walking across the rocky driveway and stumbled.  He's definitely a big boy now!

Overall, it was a great Thursday! Let's see what Friday brings...

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