Saturday, April 16, 2011

Burton Cotton Gin Festival

This morning Brazos and I took Grandma Neumann to the Burton Cotton Gin Festival Parade.  I was very excited because my Girl Scout troop was asked to march in the front of the parade carrying the flags - United States, Texas, and Burton Girl Scouts.  I was also excited to see my former students march in the Burton Junior High Band.

We arrived early to make sure we had good seats so we could see everything, but I had forgotten...we were in Burton, a town of about 400 people, so you could see from where ever you choose to sit.  We waited about forty-five minutes for the parade to start, but it was well worth the wait.  After a few good words from the county commissioner, Joy Fuchs, and the mayor, the parade was ready to begin.

My nephew Cody sat next to us at the parade and I knew the parade was starting after he ran into the street and shouted, "I see the flashing lights of the firetrucks!  The parade is coming!"

The parade had begun!  A John Deere tractor led the route with my Girl Scouts right behind!  They did an awesome job carring those flags high.  I was a proud Girl Scout leader.  Following behind were boy scouts, the Burton High School Band, antique cars, hot rods, the PT Cruiser club, and THE BURTON JUNIOR HIGH BAND!  They, too, made me proud!  I absolutely love the sixth graders.  I have spent three years of my short teaching career with these kiddos.  I was blessed to begin my teaching career as their second grade teacher.  Two years later I moved up to fourth grade with them, and when given the chance, I choose to move up to fifth grade with them, too.  They all hold a special place in my heart and watching them march in the band, I felt like a proud mommy to all of them.  The parade ended with the elementary school kids riding their bicycles down the street. 

Where's the parade?

Brazos and Grandma watching the parade.

Cody saying the American pledge

Here comes the parade!  Those are my Girl Scouts!

Elena carrying the troop flag

County Commissioner Joy Fuchs

PT Cruiser Club

Cody watching the parade

Mr. Robinson's Hot Rod

Burton Junior High Band!

It was a great parade to kick-off the Burton Cotton Gin Festival!

P.S.  Brazos had a super cute hat, but he wouldn't keep it on.

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  1. Love your pictures Bobbi Jo! We're going to have to try to make it out there next year :)


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